ProTips: 5 approaches to ramp up sales enablement

This is a guest post by FunnelFLARE.

Sales reps can close more deals and bring in more revenue when they have the resources they need to do their job effectively and efficiently. Implementing a sales enablement strategy can ensure that your sales reps get these resources.

Here are five sales enablement approaches to help your sales reps engage with the buyer throughout the buying process, using the FunnelFLARE and Zoho CRM integration.

ProTip 1: Increase your sales agents' efficiency using a power dialer instead of manual dialing.

Power dialing enables agents to be more productive when calling prospects and customers. By using FunnelFLARE’s power dialer, salespeople and account managers can define a list of prospects and clients, then call them one after another in a “power dialer mode” that shows the agent quick screens of info. If the salesperson gets the prospect’s voicemail, they can leave a pre-recorded voicemail. They also have the option to send an automatically personalized follow-up email or SMS message with just a click. This makes it easy for all sorts of sales personnel, like salespeople who do cold calling, account managers who check up on client accounts weekly, salespeople who invite clients to events like open houses, and non-profits who call previous donors to elicit further donations.

Benefit: Salespeople can quickly check what actions the contact has taken, see what other contacts at that same company have been up to, refer to notes, then make the call.

ProTip 2: Automate the updating of phone call details  

Sales calls create a multitasking problem: typing while on a sales call is annoying and distracts salespeople from actively listening to their prospects, but if salespeople don’t make notes during the call, they’ll forget details and post incomplete sales notes in the CRM. The FunnelFLARE Chrome extension automatically records calls and posts both an automatic call transcription and a link to the recording on Zoho CRM. Connecting funnel flare and Zoho CRM lets your agents set the note-taking aside and focus on making the sale.

Benefit: Salespeople can get a quick sense of the call from the transcription without spending too much time listening to the entire call, and return to the recording only if necessary.

ProTip 3: Use the insights on prospects and accounts to call at the right time

You can use FunnelFLARE to solve the well-known sales struggle of finding the right time to contact a busy prospect. FunnelFLARE Prospect Insights and Chrome Extension can alert you when your prospect is reading your emails and browsing your website, which is usually the perfect time to make a call and catch them at their desk.

Benefit: Other than timing, prospect and account insights are great for a quick check to see what your prospects have been up to and which contacts at a company are active. Knowing that the procurement person is checking out your pricing page is a good indication that they’re almost ready to buy.

ProTip 4: Automate common email and SMS sequences

Much of the life of a salesperson is sending the same email sequences over and over again. With the FunnelFLARE integration for Zoho CRM, you can add prospects to email and SMS sequences right from Zoho CRM. These sequences can be smart,  reminding prospects to purchase periodically or removing them once they purchase.

Benefit: These automated email and SMS sequences can be used to:

  • Remind prospects to book an appointment with sales

  • Communicate with unresponsive prospects automatically to try to bring them back

  • Send out common after-sales emails

  • Survey customers after the sale, and automatically remind them if they don’t fill in the survey

  • Put prospects who are in the buying cycle into a drip campaign

ProTip 5: Deploy a smart appointment scheduling system

Scheduling time for a call or meeting with a prospect can be frustrating. FunnelFLARE can make appointment scheduling a breeze as it lets you link salespeople’s work calendars (Google Calendar or Outlook) to appointment booking pages, and send prospects to those pages.

If you’ve got a group of salespeople who take meetings, FunnelFLARE can be configured to book meetings based on preference/priority or round-robin so you can evenly hand out meetings.

Benefit: Prospects see up-to-date options on when they can book a meeting with the salesperson, and they get smart automated reminders about the upcoming meetings.

Sales Enablement inside Zoho CRM

Best of all, almost all of these functionalities are available right inside Zoho CRM, so it’s easier for salespeople to pick up and learn because it’s on a platform they’re familiar with.

Check out the FunnelFLARE integration for Zoho CRM to streamline your sales processes and get rid of tedious tasks that slow you down!

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