Zoho Recruit ranks in "Top 8 Staffing Agency Software Solutions" by SoftwareSelect Reviews

2021 has been about healing and trying to create a better year ahead than what 2020 brought us. For many businesses, HR is at the center of crafting new people management strategies that apply the critical lessons the pandemic taught us. Digitization, remote work, workplace health, and safety—at Zoho Recruit, we are committed to supporting you through these times.

For organizations that are actively hiring, it’s now more important than ever to manage candidate screening, interviews, and client communication online. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our product and enhance usability, so your digital recruitment experience is the best it can be. To serve you during these unconventional times, we’ve integrated with several leading job boards and service providers to help you recruit top talent remotely.

Our goal for 2021 has been to keep the momentum going. And stepping into Q2, Zoho Recruit has done just that. SelectSoftware Reviews, a company that provides expert advice on the best HR and recruiting software, named us one of the Top 8 Staffing Agency Software Solutions for March 2021.

Zoho Recruit is affordable for smaller recruiting firms, but also has tons of functionality that enterprise companies would value. – SelectSoftware Reviews  

Why is Zoho Recruit ranked in the Top 8?

Zoho Recruit’s user-friendly talent acquisition system is designed for the modern workforce and helps you hire more qualified candidates faster. When we touched base with our customers, we were able to isolate their three biggest pain points during this time. It’s only through that feedback and the hard work of the entire Recruit team to deliver quality solutions to these problems that we have been awarded these accolades.

Making remote recruitment effortless

The pandemic revealed that being able to adapt to a virtual recruitment practice is the only reliable way to maintain the continuity of your work. To help recruiters transition to a remote recruitment process easier, we created features that allow our users to conduct video interviews, publish remote-jobs, send digital offer letters, and more. With more than 50+ telephony integrations, an executive search agency can directly call people from your records with just a single click.

Automating recruitment with the right tools 

Zoho Recruit allows you to reduce your cost per hire and accelerate your time to fill. The Blueprints feature delivers real-time information to elevate your talent pool management and shows users exactly what actions need to be taken and when. Set alerts, tasks, and workflows, prompt your team members at the right times, and use data to hire more efficiently.

Providing a great candidate experience

The way a job seeker reacts to and perceives your organization has a huge role in providing a great candidate experience. Zoho Recruit is designed to help you create a strong employer brand and make the first best impression. Ensure your company careers site and job listings match with your organizational culture. A Hay Group study found that 70% of graduates are put off if someone else has a bad experience with an organization. Make every moment count!

From everyone here at Zoho Recruit, we thank you deeply for the feedback and support that has allowed us to build a better, more comprehensive product to suit your needs. Because of your suggestions and advice, we can continuously release new features to help you hire candidates more effectively. Click here to learn more about our latest features and enhancements.

Please leave us a comment or reach out to us with any questions at support@zohorecruit.com.


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