What's New



New Features & Updates

  •  Hiring Pipeline widget is now available for your dashboard.

  •  Introduced integration with job board.


New Features & Updates

  •  Zoho Recruit is now GDPR ready.

  •  Introduced Semantic search and Radius search features.

  •  Introduced Job Templates for your Job Openings.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with TechFetch job board.


New Features & Updates


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Indeed to post Sponsored jobs.



New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Zoho Recruit Marketplace

  •  Introduced integration with JobBoom, Total Jobs, CW Jobs, CareerStructure, Caterer, and RetailChoice job boards.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Reed, Zoek, Faces2hire, and LogicMelon job boards.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Blueprint feature.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Bayt job board.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Pre-Screening Assessment feature

  •  Introduced integration with, iimJobs, and Hirist job boards.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Jora, TipTop Jobs, Jooble, Expertini and Zoek job boards.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Candidate Preview feature.

  •  Introduced integration with ApplymyJOBS and Trovit job boards.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Zoho Campaigns.

  •  Introduced integration with Dice UK Job board.


New Features & Updates

Introduced integration with CV-Library job board.


New Features & Updates

  • Reduced the price of CareerJet Sponsored job board.

    • Single Booster: $70
    • Double Booster: $105
  • Introduced integration with Seek job board
  • Introduced Zoho CRM Two-way sync
  • Introduced Candidate rating



New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Manual Trigger Workflow feature.

  •  Introduced integration with RingCentral.

  •  Migrated to Daxtra Resume Parser.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Twilio.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Zoho People.

  •  Introduced integration with Broadbean job board.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with Careerjet job board. 

  •  Introduced two new features - Indeed Resume Search and RSS Feed.

  •  Made enhancements in the Job Opening workflow. Now under Workflow > Rules > Actions, you have the option to choose 'Associated Candidates' under Email Recipients. Also, the workflow alert count for default workflows has been set as 10,000 per day.

  •  Introduced bounced email notifications—now while sending bulk emails, if an email bounces you will get a notification about it in your inbox.

  •  Made the following update: When contact and job openings are exported, in the exported csv file, now client names will be displayed instead of the client IDs.


New Features & Updates

  •  Integrated with the CareerOne job board.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Custom Buttons feature for the Enterprise version.

  •  Resume Extractor has been enhanced— now while associating a candidate, along with the job opening title, the respective client name will also be displayed.

  •  Introduced the option to edit bulk email template for custom modules
  •  Changed the Candidate Login UI for the web version. 

  •  Introduced the option to overwrite records while importing them in the XLS format for Administrator profile users.  

  •  Added mobile app icons in the Setup tab.  

  •  Added Send Mail option in the Client module.  


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced integration with three new job boards - Monster, Dice and Zip Recruiter.

  •  Changed the publish to job boards workflow.

  •  Added interviewer and guest profiles in the Hiring/Account Manager look up field on the Add Job Opening page.

  •  Introduced Mass Invite Candidates option under Candidate Tools in the Candidate module. Using this feature you can now invite candidates in bulk to access Careers page. 


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Zoho Reports Integration in Recruit.

  •  Introduced Change Status feature in Zoho Recruit mobile app (iOS and Android).

  •  Increased the custom field limit to 500.

  •  Enabled the option to edit email templates under the Send Mail and Submit to Client/Hiring manager features. 

  •  Enabled email tracking with contacts and users filter in the Client module.



  •  The default 'Apply with Indeed' button has been removed from the Careers Website. Users can now choose to enable the button or not.

  •  'Import from Zoho CRM' option has been removed from all the modules and added in the Apps & Add-ons > Zoho Apps > Zoho CRM integration page under setup.

  •  Introduced Export to Excel, CSV and PDF option under Activity Log in the settings page.

  •  Provided the option to enable Export Activity Log permission for custom profiles.

  •  Added a pick list to select users under activity reports.

  •  Revamped the Associate Pop-out page in the Job Opening Details page.

  •  Added 'Activities' under the Home page components.

  •  Increased the number of custom fields from 150 to 300 for all the modules.

  •  Introduced Social icon in the Candidates and Contacts list page.

  •  Introduced auto complete component in the criteria editor for lookup field.

  •  Changed the Contact Support UI.



  •  LinkedIn search API has been removed.

  •  Pick lists has been modified for locales other than US.

  •  Made enhancements in the filter for Candidate Status and Associated job opening under the Candidates module.

  •  Introduced live desk chat for Europe locale.

  •  Enabled Send Mail and Macros feature for custom modules.

  •  Added web forms and assignment rules for custom modules.

  •  Careers website and web form has been optimized for mobile phones.

  •  Introduced the "Upload your formatted/branded resume template document" option under Formatted Resume feature.

  •  Added the option to set the default search module in the search bar to be Candidates or tab-specific.

  •  Multi pick list values will now be displayed as a drop-down in the web form along with an added search option to search and select values.

  •  Introduced permissions for attachment category feature.

  •  Introduced multi-language support for candidate login, forgot password and candidate confirmation buttons on the careers website login page.

  •  Introduced multi-language support for the Browse button on web form.



  •  Introduced mass email and macro support for custom module.

  •  Added event invitation email to the Contact/Candidate related list.

  •  Introduced Change pattern option wherever criteria is given - Mass Actions (Update, Delete, Transfer, Email), Assignment rules, Auto Response Rules under Career Website, and Add Existing Candidate in Associate Candidate > Update Member Status action.

  •  Added merge fields support for workflow and macro task subject field.

  •  Added invited events to multi user day and week view in calender.

  •  Introduced Kanban view in Todo's Tab.

  •  Revamped the Social tab UI.

  •  Introduced Sharing rule support for Activities module.

  •  Changed the UI for notes section in the entity page.

  •  Added territory assignment for job openings.

  •  Introduced web forms for custom modules.

  •  Added create template option in the Auto Response Rule Entry page.

  •  Moved Audit log and Activity log from Personal Settings to Data Administration under Setup.

  •  Moved BCC Dropbox and Zoho Mail configuration to Personal Settings > Email Settings under Setup.




  •  Introduced Filter feature in the Candidates module.

  •  Increased the length of formula expression field.

  •  Modified the default sort option in the Careers Website job list page.

  •  Added activity log for when a candidate deletes attachment.

  •  Modified the job opening templates in the Job Opening details page under Careers Website.



  •  Introduced new templates under Careers Website.

  •  Modified the Assignment rule option under the import from document feature.



  •  Introduced tags and manual candidate approval under import from document.

  •  Saved search option introduced under Mass Email.

  •  Introduced Submit to Hiring Manager feature for internal accounts.



  •  Released mobile app for iOS.



  •  Made redirection changes for the portal domain.

  •  Changed Add Candidate UI.

  •  Provided acknowledgement message option in web forms.


New Features & Updates

  •  Introduced Resume Inbox and Interview Feedback Form.

  •  Removed Formatted Resume from web form (internal account).

  •  Changed the job re-publishing date. Now, jobs cannot be re-published if it has been posted more than 45 days ago.

  •  Increased field label length from 50 to 250 characters in web form.

  •  Candidate-job opening association will now be restored on recovering the particular job opening and candidate.

  •  Formatted Resume UI now supports Russian language.



  •  Added Terms & Conditions field in web form.

  •  Added auto complete option in the Job Opening field under Submit to Client email template.

  •  Added 'On Change Status' option under Interview workflow rules.


New Features & Updates

  •  Created Candidate Review Form under Submit to Client email templates.

  •  Revamped Getting Started page.

  •  Custom top level domains are now allowed in Candidates/Contact email ids.

  •  iCal files will now be sent with Interview and Task notifications.



  •  Introduced the option of editing and adding events for interview via API.



  •  Web form option can now be selected while publishing the job instead of when customizing the job list in career website.

  •  Changes made to the email id in the Zoho Recruit account will now reflect in the user's Zoho Accounts too.

  •  Spam jobs approval has been introduced for job boards.


  •  Enabled cloning option for Google docs

  •  Added Assigned Recruiter field in Import from Spreadsheet section

  •  Provided email copy option for BCC drop box

  •  Provided 1gb free for all paid users

  •  Released Resume Extractor in the latest Recruit version.



  •  Provided attachment option in the clone record section

  •  Added support for Spanish language

  •  Assigned default value Picklist field will be assigned the , if mapping is not done while importing documents in the CSV format

  •  Enabled attachments in mobile app

  •  All emails would now be delivered through ZMail (Instead of TransMail)


Zoho Recruit released its new and improved version on 20/01/2015.

Workflow automation

Create rules & alerts, automatically assign tasks to users, update fields

Setup webhooks

Security administration

  •  Define access permissions for individual users

  •  Control module-level and feature-level access by defining Profiles

  •  Control data access for users based on their Roles

  •  Create Groups

  •  Define Data Sharing Settings

  •  Set Fields &Links Permissions


  •  Customize modules, fields, attachment categories, links, layouts, note types, tags, and related lists columns

  •  Create custom view settings, web tabs, and tab groups

Territory management

  •  Group candidates, clients or job openings among recruiters based on a defined set of criteria (geography, industry, skill level etc.)

Document management

  •  Manage files stored on desktop, Zoho Docs or Google Drive

  •  Share, review and edit documents in real time

  •  Create mail merge templates or merge documents

Social integration

  •  Post job openings as well as the companies' career pages in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.



  •  Issue in sending emails as plaintext has been fixed.

  •  Job Description formatting issue fixed.

  •  Resume extractor encoding issue fixed.

  •  Trigger Email alert while adding records through API.

  •  Payments ip restriction issue fixed.

Resume Extractor- Source Candidates Instantly!

An average day in the life of a recruiter is not an easy game. With candidates scheduled to be



  •  Hangout right panel empty issue fixed for china customers.

  •  Other language characters encoding issue.


Formatted resume issue for footers and filename template.

UI issue IE due to Fusionchart old version issue fixed.

Email id not replaced in merge fields issue fixed.

Branding and Formatting Resumes Inside Zoho Recruit

It was an amazing weekend. You spent time with family and friends, had dinner at your favorite restaurant and even caught a last-minute show from one of your favorite bands.


How to interview candidates live on web?

Zoho Recruit is integrated with Google hangout, which helps Interviewers to interview a candidate live on web.


  •  Indeed apply integration.

  •  Updates filter count while deleting candidate record.


  •  You can now create Reports without using any lookup fields.

  •  New filter option "Last Mail Sent" added in AdvanceSearch and CustomView to filter resumes using the time of last sent mail.

  •  Issue of not syncing event owner with GApps is now resolved.


  •  Option has been provided to allow use of different colours to mark events by different users.

  •  Fixed an issue when syncing rescheduled events with Google calendar.

  •  Customers are prevented from adding users with duplicate EmailId and EmployeeId.

  •  Bug fix allowing from and replyTo address changes in email alerts.

  •  Issue fixed enabling DOT file format to be parsed in outlook plugin.

  •  Wrapping of long label name for customised fields enabled.

  •  Issue with selecting SMS field as a number field fixed.

  •  Switching payment owner issues are fixed.

  •  Highlight issues within documents while searching using special characters resolved.


  •  Issue fix enabling merge field option to work correctly when sending email to client contacts.

  •  Criteria Pattern Editor enabled for custom view and advanced search.

  •  Ability to forward multiple candidates in a single email to clients.

  •  Indeed free ad posting enabled for staffing firms.

  •  Issue fix $ sign replacement in Merge field option, while sending email.

  •  Highlight feature enabled within attached documents while performing searches.

  •  Advanced search issue fixed when choosing match all key words.

  •  Import candidate as xls issue fixed.

  •  Import from doc is enabled for Recruiters in tial version.

  •   Customize logo issue fixed. Duplicate attachment for resume prevented.