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Europe's new privacy policy law intends to give more control to individuals over their personal data. This control over information is given through a few rights. Zoho Recruit has brought in features to make you be compliant under GDPR.
Based on user feedback, we have reworded "consent" into "Opt-In". The functionality remains the same. "Consent Declined Candidates" view name has been changed to "Opted-Out Candidates."

What are the different rights which an individual (or a candidate) is entitled to?

Right to be informed.

Zoho Recruit helps you to be compliant under GDPR and keeping your candidates in the know is the first step towards it. You can now inform applicants about what information you want from them, why you need it, how long you're going to hold it, and what you intend to do with it.

Changes in the system are with regard to applicants (candidates who are not in your system) and candidates (who are already in your system).

Know more about GDPR for applicants.

Know more about GDPR for candidates

Right to access.

To ensure the right to access, Zoho Recruit offers Candidate Login wherein candidates can access their information anytime and know about the jobs they had applied for.

To enable Candidate Login, go to Setup > CareerWebsite > EnableCandidateLogin.

Right to rectification.

Enabling Candidate Login will give candidates the right to correct their personal data.

Right to erasure.

You should be able to erase candidates' personal data should they request it, provided there's no "compelling reason" for you to continue storing/processing their data.

To erase a candidate's data, go to Candidatesselect a candidate's recordMore ActionsDelete.

Note: You need to delete it from the recycle bin to delete records permanently. 

To delete records from the recycle bin:

  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Recycle Bin
  2. In the Recycle Bin, select the check boxes of the records that you want to permanently delete.
  3. Click Delete

Right to restrict processing.

You should restrict the processing of candidates' data should they request it, regardless of reason.

To restrict processing of data in Zoho Recruit, go to Candidatesselect a candidate's recordMore ActionsRestrict Processing.

Candidates whose data has been restricted to process will be moved to a new Custom View by the name "Processing Restricted Candidates" for whom you will be able to Edit, Delete, and Remove Restriction.

Right to data portability.

Candidates have the right to receive their personal data. You must export their details in a machine readable format (CSV) and hand it over to the candidate.

To export data in Zoho Recruit, go to SetupDataAdministrationExport.

Select the module, and the Custom View to be exported and click Export.

What's coming up?

1. Switching ON/OFF the compliance settings for GDPR in Setup > Compliance > GDPR.
2. Enablling the modules you would like to bring inside the GDPR compliance. 
3. Marking the Data Processing Basis for the respective module records. 
4. Enhancing the consent management process through form and manual process.
5. The Field Data Processing Basis would be available in Custom Views, Reports, Workflows, etc., 
6. Accessing privacy details of a record through a tab Data Privacy under records detailed page.


  • GDPR feature will be enabled by default for customers who have signed up from EU Server. 
  • Customers from US Server who want to use this feature can contact our Support team at . 

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