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Managing the hiring process should be the top priority for any recruiter. Making this management easy is the job of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). And Zoho Recruit has done just that. The Hiring pipeline is the overall picture you need to see to get a 360 degree perspective of your job opening.

Zoho Recruit's Hiring Pipeline is a collective set of Stages in a recruitment process. Starting from the point where candidates are associated to a particular job opening, it may vary for each organization but the default Hiring Pipeline that we offer looks like this:

The stages that you see contain appropriate Candidate Statuses. For example, the stage Client Review contains all the client related candidate statuses like "Submitted to Client", "Approved by Client", and "Rejected by Client". Therefore candidates having any of these statuses will be grouped under the Client Review stage.

Setting up your Hiring Pipeline.

Zoho Recruit's hiring pipeline works your way. Here's how you can set it up:

Creating a new stage: 

  1. Click Setup > Customization > Modules. Select the Hiring Pipeline menu.
  2. Click on the Add Stage button.
  3. Enter a Stage name and choose a color.
    Note: Two stages cannot have the same color.
  4. Click Save.

Once you're done creating a stage, you can add candidate statuses into that stage.

  1. Click on the Map Status button.
  2. You will be displayed a list of candidate statuses which have not been mapped to any stage. Select the status(es) you want to map.
  3. Select the stage to which you want to map the statuses.
  4. Click Map.
    Note: At least one candidate status should be mapped with a stage for it to show up on the pipeline.

You may also manage candidate statuses. Add, edit, or even delete candidate statuses from within the Hiring Pipeline.

  1. Click on the Manage Status button.
  2. Add, edit, or delete candidate statuses and click Save.


Hiring Pipeline Widget

Zoho Recruit gives you a consolidated view of all your job openings and their associated hiring pipeline. This will be available on your Dashboard.

To add a widget to your dashboard,

  1. Go to the Home module and scroll to the very end.
  2. Click Add Component.
    The Add Component pop-up appears.
  3. Select Custom View. The Hiring Pipeline widget is automatically selected.
  4. Select a custom view and give the widget a name. Click Save.

This is how your Hiring Pipeline widget would look like.

To edit it, simply click the Edit button on the top right of the widget.

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