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With 50 native telephony integrations, save your fingers some exercise and stop manually entering phone numbers each time you make calls to your candidates and clients. You can now directly call people from your records with just a single click. Choose your favorite provider and recruit on the go.

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Why telephony + ATS?

The ultimate aim of any recruiter is to find prospective candidates, move them through the hiring cycle, and land them on a perfect job opening. Telephony integrations increase the productivity of your recruitment team, enhance candidate experience, save time, and allow recruiters to have more personalized conversations with every candidate. Here's why you need a telephony integration with your ATS system.

Reaching out to candidates has never been this easy.

Create personalized greeting with the information displayed on the candidate details page.

Automate your entire call logging process and focus on other important tasks

Pick up conversations right where you left off. Look into past interactions and discuss the next stage of the telephone interview.

Why Telephony + Zoho Recruit?

Improve your employer brand by providing the best candidate experience. Connect your PBX system with Zoho Recruit and smoothly manage your inbound and outbound calls during the recruitment process.



Use PhoneBridge for phone interviews. Create an integral PBX system that offers more value to your candidates or clients and complete calls with a single click from within Zoho Recruit.

Call pop-ups

Call pop-ups

Arm your teams with the data needed to monitor, analyze, and fine-tune your recruitment process. Get pop-ups on all incoming calls, notify agents regarding any missed calls, and allow them to set reminders for outbound calls.

Contextual calling

Never again stall for time while searching for caller information. Every time an agent connects with a candidate or client, a pop-up will notify the caller of relevant information. Have a more meaningful conversation with the details in front of you.

Contextual calling

Recruitment Analytics

Offer more than just a phone system. With Zoho Recruit's automatically captured call data, make better recruiting decisions faster. With powerful recruiting metrics, explore every aspect of your business and turn data into actionable insights.

Recruitment Analytics

Explore more possibilities

Telephony integrations allow recruiters to dial, log, and even record calls within the database. There's more to Telephony that Zoho Recruit can offer.

More Complete Call notes

More Complete Call notes

We tend to miss out on information during hectic calls. Zoho Recruit reduces the friction involved with documenting calls. Make a note of important details of your conversations as its happening and access them for future reference.

Create new records

Create new records

Receiving a call from an unknown number? They might be your next hire or a potential client. You can never miss out on such details, so we've made it easier for you. Create a new record for them in your Recruit database during the conversation and capture data efficiently.

Missed call alerts

Missed call alerts

There are moments when you miss out on calls while you're away from your desk. Don't worry, because our voicemail notification can take care of it. You can also create workflows for missed calls that alert the recruiter and also sends a email to the candidate or client, saying you'll be reaching out shortly.

Schedule follow-up tasks

Schedule follow-up tasks

Once you initiate a call to a candidate and acquire necessary data, by the end of the call Zoho Recruit automatically triggers you to schedule a follow-up. You can either set up an additional call or create a separate task.

Recruit on the go

On average, recruiters spend 78,352 minutes on the phone per year. Let's make it count!

With Zoho Recruit's mobile recruiting app, you can take and make calls, text, and communicate with your team seamlessly. While you are on the call, take notes and automatically store them. Utilize the same interface and functionality through your mobile phone. Stay connected!

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Recruit on the go

Enable the ultimate telephony for your business

Zoho Recruit has flawlessly integrated with 50 major PBX/Contact Center solutions providers. Here are some top pick of your favorite telephony providers

If you're an existing Zoho Recruit user, head over to your
Setup menu and enable Telephony.

All Providers

  • RingCentral

  • BT Cloud Phone


  • AT&T Office@Hand

  • Bulutsantralim

  • TelTel

  • San Softwares

  • Freevoicer

  • VoIPstudio

  • Wildix

  • FlexVone

  • Contaque


  • Anura

  • HoduCC

  • HoduPBX

  • InTalk

  • 7Moor

  • Acefone

  • Amazon Connect

  • Amp Telecom

  • astTECS

  • Brekeke PBX

  • Invent Design

  • Convoque

  • Elevate

  • Exotel

  • Five 9

  • FracTEL

  • Go2Market

  • Intermedia Unite

  • IP Telecom

  • Jive

  • JustCall


  • MiPBX

  • Naisen Cloud

  • Nextel

  • Numbergroup





  • Servetel

  • Sparktg

  • The Real PBX

  • Twilio

  • VozTelecom


  • Yeastar

  • AgileIP

  • Avaya Cloud Office

  • Enjay

  • ipcortex

  • Go Integrator by Mondago

  • Intellinet

  • net2phone

  • RingOver

  • TeleCMI

  • Pulse

  • Knowlarity

  • Voicespin

  • Xtend

  • Genesys

  • ilinkgo

  • Spotfone

  • CloudConnect

  • CloudTalk

  • Plustel

  • Sipgate

  • Tele-broad

  • Telviva

  • Vodia

  • Xelion

Bill Hall

With telephony integration, recruiters have access to a variety of providers to choose from, allowing them to fully take advantage of Zoho Recruit features. Now they can schedule calls, use click to call feature and best of all, every call is logged along with the duration, time and date automatically. So here you go, one task less, and more focus on what really matters.

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