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An average day in the life of a recruiter is not an easy game. With candidates scheduled to be interviewed, resumes ready to be filtered, and potential hires to be sourced, time becomes a holy grail. Not to mention that scouting for candidates through a number of job boards, websites and multiple other sources most often can seem like a herculean task.

But now with Resume Extractor, the extension from Zoho Recruit, you can keep those worries shelved. No more downloading, converting or manual entering of candidate information. You can parse resume from any web page at a click. To those who are wondering what an extension is, its an add-on, a button on the address bar that provides a shortcut to the application you are using.

On the go, on the run, or on the bed, you can import candidate information from any job board or website, without having to download and later upload it in Recruit. And forget the traditional method of copy-pasting! With the Recruit extension, you can follow some easy steps and import candidate information. First, download and install Resume Extractor in your Google Chrome browser. Then log into the job site, select the text of the resume you want to import and click the Resume Extractor icon on the browser toolbar. The resume is parsed and the information will be displayed in the form.


You can also associate the candidate to a related job opening before you import the resume. These details will be then captured in your Zoho Recruit account.

Get started now! Download Resume Extractor and make your work life easier.


6 Replies to Resume Extractor- Source Candidates Instantly!

  1. I need help when pulling data from LinkedIn via the resume extractor. It will extract a name but that's it...even after highlighting all pertinent data. This feature just doesn't seem to work. I concurr with an earlier comment: Looks like you need to improve LinkedIn extraction. (Comparing similar apps) 1- Extraction from LinkedIn should NOT need any selection. 2- Full profiles can be extracted automatically and then recruiter can delete un-wanted parts 3- Format of the extracted file can be improved 4- After profile association manual Synchronization-check of contact info,title, summary, current employer, skill areas can be made. Please respond. Natasha

    1. Hello Natasha, Thanks for your feedback. We will take your suggestions into consideration and will implement them in our future updates. Regarding the issues you are facing currently, we can set up a web meeting/call with you to understand the nature of the issue and help you fix it. Please write to, and inform a convenient time for when we can schedule this meeting/call. Thanks, Gayatri

    1. Hi Allan, Thank you for your feedback. Currently the feature is available only for Google Chrome. But we are also planning to launch it for Mozilla Firefox sometime in the future.

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