Introducing First Draft App for Zoho Show - Presentations On the Go.

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Let’s say you are away from your office attending a client meeting in NY. You have a critical presentation to create and deliver at your office in CA , the next day. With a tight deadline and a busy tour schedule, the airport lounge suddenly becomes your ideation hub (minus, of course, the resources and luxury at hand in an office). As  first-cut ideas start evolving, you realize you need something more than your mind to structure and save presentation slide concepts for further reference.

Luckily, you are carrying a laptop. You think you are saved until you realize that it is indeed frustrating to open, boot and use your clumsy laptop to write something every time an idea pops up! Certainly not the kind of situation you wish to be in (especially with an important presentation lined up).

What could help you, though, is a tool as efficient as a pocket book, something you could carry around and use effortlessly to type your ideas, wherever you are. How about a presentation tool that fits in your pocket?

Introducing First Draft – a mobile app that lets you save draft versions of your Zoho Show presentations  while you are on the move.

Easy to use.

First Draft is easy to use and lets you type down your points – be it a  well-thought slide heading, a punchline, a quote, or an important statistic  – all in a mini presentation format, so that you don’t forget to include these in the final version of your presentation.

Automatically syncs to your Zoho Docs account.

The drafts you create can be automatically synced to your Zoho Docs account. Which means, in the worst of cases, even if you are stranded in an airport, you could get the presentation completed on time with the help of your sub-ordinates. All they would have to do is refine and add to the draft you had created.

Works when you are offline too!

What’s better? The app also works offline.Yes, offline!

So, save yourself from grumbling over lack of  Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity. The app automatically syncs the drafts to your Zoho Docs account once you go online.

First Draft is just the app you should get hold of if you want your presentation work started while on the move. If time is of the essence, then First Draft is definitely a savior.

The app is currently available for download in Google Play and the App Store.

Download now and scribble away your first draft!


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