Zoho Recruit Links up with LinkedIn

At Zoho Recruit, our mission is to provide recruiters a simple, easy-to-use, single user-interface eliminating the need to juggle with multiple tools. Early last week, we had announced a bunch of new features; LinkedIn Integration was one of the most sought-after ones, which helps recruiters spend less time on the process and more time engaging with candidates. Now, let’s take a closer look at its functions.

Associate with LinkedIn profile
Zoho Recruit’s integration with LinkedIn, allows you to associate your candidates and client contacts with the LinkedIn profiles from inside Zoho Recruit. You can also narrow down your search using keywords with required qualification, skills, job title, etc., to match your existing candidates/client contacts in Zoho Recruit. This saves a lot of time toggling between the Zoho Recruit system and LinkedIn.

View LinkedIn profiles
You will have easy access to view all the details listed in the LinkedIn profile – Education, Experience, etc ., that will help determine the viability of a candidate/client contact before you contact them.

Send Private Messages
Once you find a right candidate/client contact, you can engage them by sending a private message through LinkedIn right from inside Zoho Recruit.

View and Comment on Updates
You can view and add comments on candidate/client contact updates directly from Zoho Recruit. Likewise, you can also Like or Unlike their updates.

Again, we hope you like this new integration with LinkedIn. Be sure to comment here as we love getting your valuable feedback.

Happy Recruiting!


9 Replies to Zoho Recruit Links up with LinkedIn

  1. i am new to your program my question: is there a standard application form the should be use with your program if so can you put me in touch with it

  2. Hi Nicole,For now LinkedIn has some restrictions. But we will definitely check with them to see if they allow this functionality for paid customers of LinkedIn. If yes, then we will implement it.Regards,

  3. It's interesting but I don't see such a big advantage to it.....Sorry.What would be great is if we could import the linkedIn profile to ZOHO from LinkedIn.
    I'm searching more and more in LinkedIn for potential candidates and for that matter I have a tendancy to manage my profiles more from linkedIn than ZOHO. It's too long to create a file in ZOHO and then associate the profile after. Unless I' m missing informations on some ZOHO features that would do that.....LinkedIn is offering the possibility to import our candidates from our database to a LinkedIn pay solution....to be able to manage all at the same place.Who's on first???Nicole

  4. I like it. Facebook would be useful too... a high percentage of our applicants are young, more likely to have a Facebook page than LinkedIn.

  5. Now that Zoho Recruit has integrated with Linkedin, is is possible to upload a new profile directly from Linkedin?

  6. This is a great direction, but I think it lacks the most important feature for a recruitment company - ability to import profile from Linked In in a pdf file directly from ZOHO. That would be a great add on!

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