LinkedIn IntegrationZoho Recruit Integrates with LinkedIn

Zoho Recruit - Online Recruitment Software now integrates with LinkedIn - one of the world's largest database of candidates, which helps recruiters recruit the best talent more quickly. This new integration provides you a simple, easy-to-use, single user interface eliminating the need to juggle with multiple tools. You can spend less time on the process and more time engaging with candidates.

Functions of LinkedIn Integration

Associate with LinkedIn profile

Zoho Recruit’s integration with LinkedIn, allows you to associate your candidates and client contacts with the LinkedIn profiles from inside Zoho Recruit. You can also narrow down your search using keywords with required qualification, skills, job title, etc., to match your existing candidates/client contacts in Zoho Recruit. This saves a lot of time toggling between the Zoho Recruit system and LinkedIn.

View LinkedIn profiles

You will have easy access to view all the details listed in the LinkedIn profile – Education, Experience, etc ., that will help determine the viability of a candidate/client contact before you contact them.

Send Private Messages

Once you find a right candidate/client contact, you can engage them by sending a private message through LinkedIn right from inside Zoho Recruit.

View and Comment on Updates

You can view and add comments on candidate/client contact updates directly from Zoho Recruit. Likewise, you can also Like or Unlike their updates.