Sales follow-ups just got better with Zoho CRM

While looking at the recently launched Pulse module, have these questions ever crossed your mind?

I see all these details, but where do I see a list of all records that I’m following?

How many records am I following?

I wish I could get more details about this record from this page itself. I don’t have to navigate away from what I’m doing.

Who else is following this record?

If yes, then, this is for you. With the recent update that we made to Pulse, it’s even easier to locate the data that you are looking for.

The Pulse module inside Zoho CRM gives an overview of your sales follow-ups. It gives you updates to records that are the most important to you. Over time, you would be following a number of records and is likely that you would have lost track of the records that you are following.

How many follow-ups and what are they?

Let’s say, you started following a lead around 2 months back. The lead has moved on to become a Customer. The updates to this record are no more frequent. You may not want to follow this record anymore. How do you search for the record from the list of updates? The Followed by me option makes it easy for you to locate the record and unfollow it.

There’s a little more to the story. How would you know the number of people who are following a particular record? You have this option from the Pulse page too. You’d know if your manager is following any prospect that you’re dealing with. You’ll definitely be on your toes. 😉

While you’re looking up this ‘important prospect’, you may want to get a quick view of the deal – like the stage, the probability, the expected revenue and the closing date. Now that the Summary View is a part of the Pulse page, it is easy to see more details about any record that you’re following. You do not have to navigate away from the Pulse module, either. You’re better equipped and you save time.

The fields shown in the summary view depend on the customization that you would have done earlier.

That’s about Pulse for now.

There are a few more improvements that we have made to reports and workflow flow rules. More details about this update are available in our forum discussion right here.

And now, I have these questions for you:

With the updates made to Pulse, how does it help you track your sales deals better?
Are you more productive?

Do leave your comments below.

-Sharanya R


4 Replies to Sales follow-ups just got better with Zoho CRM

  1. I too like the idea of custom bookmarks. The ideal scenario would be if zoho watched our usage patterns and populated a 'quicklinks' tab based on our usage. But if thats too much work, a user defined 'quicklinks' tab that allowed the user to select commonly used functions to put at their fingertips would suffice.

  2. I still would really like to have cases available in pulse. I keep track of my work via cases and the pulse feature is not useful at all for me. Please make pulse available for following cases.

  3. Thanks Zoho - I do think this is an improvement. I like the Pulse module quite a lot, but a few automation features would make it a lot more useful to me. For instance, the ability to automatically follow new approved leads from the Web-to-Lead form. Also, a 'Mass Follow' command for all my old leads so I don't have to go through record-by-record deciding who to follow.And while we're on the topic of things that make my life easier... It is really frustrating that the Lead Approval page is no longer a hard link in New Zoho, it's impossible to bookmark this page and I use it all the time, every day. Now I have to dig it up via Leads -> Lead Tools -> Approve Leads whereas I used to just have a bookmark in my browser.Thanks,

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