Introducing Custom Portals in Zoho Recruit

As a recruiter, building a strong employer brand is of paramount importance. Having a seamless communication with clients, candidates and contacts can help you attain better talent faster and find candidates in a short supply market.

Custom Portals in Recruit allow administrators to extend Recruit access to their clients, contacts, and candidates. A portal user can access the modules and some of their associated data, such as what job openings, candidates, and interviews are present in Zoho Recruit. They can also view, edit, and create records as well as add notes and attachments.

Here are some ways that custom portals can be useful for your business:

Placements and onboarding – Custom portals allow candidates to input their personal details, banking information, and other data necessary for onboarding. They can also track their onboarding status and view tasks they still need to complete. The custom portal offers direct communication between candidates and recruiters, so candidates can easily review offer details or ask follow-up questions.

Employee referrals – You can faciIitate an employee referral system with a custom portal. Employees can log in to the portal and upload the resumes of candidates they wish to refer. They can also track the status of each referral.

Collecting candidates from partners – Generally, staffing companies partner with other staffing companies to share candidates and job openings. If an opening is available, it will be shared among partner networks. With custom portals, partners can easily log in and upload their candidates or job openings.

With custom portals, you can:

  • Create, edit, or delete records in the Recruit modules you have access to

  • Edit records that are shared with you from another Recruit user, even if it’s not in the modules you have access to

  • Make changes to records that reflect across the entire Recruit account, such as changing a phone number in a document that was shared with you

  • Clone any records that are shared with you, such as candidate records, interviews, and job openings, and add more details as required

To learn more about Custom Portal in Zoho Recruit, visit our help docs.

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