ProTips: 5 no-brainer ways to improve business sales calls

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When talking about handling sales calls or tackling customer communication, you’ll find millions of tips on the internet. Still, businesses end up spending heavily on marketing or skilled human resources to manage their calls.

In this article, we will discuss a few no-brainer changes that you can make in your call management system. These changes will help your business improve its sales calls without costing you more time or energy.

ProTip #1: Automated Outbound Calls

Automated calls are specially designed for startups and SMEs to communicate effectively. This is a powerful communication tool that has a prerecorded voice that automatically broadcasts to designated groups. This prerecorded voice can be programmed for capturing and storing an interactive response from targeted customers in the form of DTMF.

Benefit: These automated outbound calls make it easy for brands to spread their message effectively. Such calls have a great impact on customers, and they tend to remember you for longer. This option is also considered more cost-effective than any other medium of calling.

ProTip #2: Be Available for Customer Calls at All Times

The most important thing for any business is to manage its sales calls effectively. In current tech updates, only cloud telephony technology is able to provide this feature to businesses. A major issue with the old EPABX is it can't answer after-hour calls. Due to its fixed infrastructure, it's not possible to attend to customers on the go or from a remote location. 

Benefit: Cloud telephony enables you to track all your calls and allows you to connect with your customers easily, and be available anytime, anywhere for your prospects. When your sales executives are able to receive emergency calls after office hours and from a remote location, this will leed to more revenue. There also won’t be any chances of missing out on important sales leads.

ProTip #3: Effective Lead Management

Integrating your business's call management system with tools like CRM will make it more potent. These tools make it easy for businesses to manage their incoming leads. Cloud telephony comes with inbuilt as well as third-party merger options that can be used as a sales management dashboard.

Benefit: A single dashboard providing all the data of leads and follow-up details for sales agents can play a vital role in your sales cycle. You can even separate your cold, warm, and hot leads on the basis of customer conversation. Agents don’t need to remember the last conversation they’ve had with the customer and who attended that particular call. This makes sales calls all the more powerful.

ProTip #4: Know Your Customers

Analyzing customers’ behavior is an important aspect to improving sales calls. Companies typically spend a great deal on researching consumer behaviour tools. With cloud telephony technology, one can record and analyze every conversation that takes place. This enables you to listen to your customer conversations later on, to figure out what their needs are. Companies can also even listen to the agents' calls to evaluate their performances and take steps to improve them. This makes performance rating incredibly easy.

Benefit: Moreover, a cloud telephony dashboard enables companies to analyze customer needs and improve sales tactics accordingly.

ProTip #5: Superior Customer Experience

Most businesses in India are still not equipped with an efficient call management system, which results in loss of revenue. The main reason for this loss is that whenever a customer is calling to make a purchase or to enquire about a service or product, the number is either not reachable, or the call goes to other departments that don’t have all the information. This is where the intelligent call routing feature of cloud telephony enables you to set a flow for a better customer experience.  A customer can also choose options as per their requirements. In addition to this, there is near to zero downtime in cloud telephony, which enables your business to go 24*7 without any interruptions.

Benefit: This also leads to improved agent productivity, which results in more sales calls and more customer conversions.

These small changes in your call management system can greatly impact any business’s sales calls. Technologies like cloud telephony help organizations achieve higher results by providing turnkey solutions.

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