How IVR solutions can boost your marketing and sales process

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The success of any business’s marketing efforts depends upon how effectively they communicate with their potential customers at every point of the sales funnel. A business must provide the best possible customer experience through both online and offline communication.

According to a survey, about 60% of customers don't complete their purchases due to a poor customer experience.

One effective way to improve customer experience is to use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution. This solution enables customers to connect with your business whenever they need it. A cloud IVR solution is a type of software created for calls, which relies on voice recognition or keypads. This system doesn't need anyone to direct calls, which saves a great of the caller's time. It's a great tool for inbound as well as outbound calls, and customers always appreciate effective call routing.

The following are some of the most significant ways IVR solutions can boost your marketing and sales process:

On-hold messages

This is one of the most prominent application areas, and is important to take into account while implementing an IVR system for your business. Although an IVR system can reduce hold time, it doesn't eliminate it completely. On-hold messages can be used to fill these otherwise moments, however brief they may be.

When you include an on-hold message, your customers will spend more time staying on the line. Such messages help you to engage with your audience and reduce the call drop rate. In these messages, you can tell them about your latest offers and promos, demonstrate that you care about their time, and more.

Generating leads for marketing campaigns

Many marketing professionals use IVR as a call-to-action. In addition to sending emails and using ads, you can encourage your potential customers to call on your IVR number. For example, you can ask people to take a quick survey such as finding out whether they are using the most effective product or solution, or need to switch to yours.

Once the user calls on your IVR number and responds to the IVR menu, it will connect them to your sales representatives. You can also direct your callers to different departments/agents based on the campaign they came from. This will help you to streamline your entire lead generation and sales process. Whether your callers make a purchase or not, you'll able to collect their contact information and responses to your questions.

Researching your audience preferences, needs, and habits

It is imperative for marketing professionals to research their target audience in order to determine their purchasing needs and preferences. Surveys are an invaluable source of insights into your customers' behavior and preferences. You can ask your audience about your service or products, or about the industry as a whole. This will help you to understand what they consider important, interesting, or convenient, providing you with many growth opportunities.

Researching your audience through an IVR survey offers a high response rate and great flexibility. You can easily get feedback from your customers through automated IVR calls made through outbound calling solutions. You can also change any questions or adjust them according to your needs while being able to analyze responses immediately. Using a cloud IVR solution will save a good deal of money compared to hiring a survey team.

Final thoughts

An IVR solution benefits your marketing campaigns in numerous ways. It provides a simple way to interact with your existing and potential customers while enabling you to save time by automating many processes. IVR systems provides more than just notifications and customer support; it provides actionable insights into your audience's preferences and collects valuable feedback. Therefore, the IVR solution can help you attract leads and qualify them.

Given that the IVR solution comes with many possible applications, don't be afraid to experiment with those applications with different approaches. After all, experimenting is the key to finding new opportunities and improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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