How Show's industry-specific templates simplify business presentations

Are you a professional constantly seeking a solution for all your presentation woes? Creating a presentation involves many aspects such as information strategy, content planning, content creation, and structuring your slides. With so many agendas, it is crucial not to waste time building a presentation from scratch. Instead, use our professionally designed library of industry-specific templates, that offer presentation slides built for every business need.

 Whether you run an online business, a fashion brand, or a tech company, we have a customizable presentation template to match every brand style and business objective. Let’s take a look at these visually engaging presentation templates available in Show.

Presentation template for jewelry and luxury goods

 Is your business sophisticated, with the need to highlight your experience, essence and values? Most jewelry and luxury businesses are characterized by offering high-quality, exclusive, and expensive products that are perceived as status symbols. Use Show’s professionally designed jewelry and luxury goods presentation template to showcase your information and goods with the look and feel of a luxury brand. This template comes with an elegant theme and layout for your visuals and also covers slides to include your company milestones, timelines, sales strategy, sales targets, and data analysis.

Presentation template for retail fashion

 Retail fashion is a huge, ever-changing industry that keeps growing with evolving trends. It is imperative for retailers and fashion designers to be on top of these trends. Present your retail business plan and fashion ideas using Show’s custom-built presentation template.

 Most retail and fashion businesses need to tell their brand story, introduce their products to the market, and communicate with vendors and other stakeholders. Use Show’s retail fashion presentation template and alter the slides to fit your brand guidelines and show your potential audience your products and trending ideas. This template also includes trendy or classy images, elements, and icons to fit your audience persona and help you reach your objective. Showcase your brand, company timeline, goods, storyboard, and data like sales forecast using these customized slides.

Presentation template for real estate

 Real Estate is a vast industry covering private homes, commercial spaces, construction lots, rental properties, and more. Show’s real estate presentation template offers a basic theme with compelling visuals, professionally designed for real estate businesses with many variables. The built-in slides in this template come with a content structure based on best practices for real estate. The template covers slides to showcase different aspects of a presentation including analysis of data, presenting a timeline, statistics, site comparisons and market projections.

 If your business falls under this category, then all you have to do is edit the slide to your style and branding and get started with your content.

Presentation template for beauty and cosmetics

 Beauty and cosmetics is an ever-growing industry with new products being launched in the market everyday. The growing demands of the industry need ideas to be presented in a compelling and visually engaging way. Show’s beauty and cosmetics presentation template is subtly colored in theme offers multiple placeholders for your product photos. Most brands in this industry have brand stories, goals and milestones that need to be told in numbers. Use this elegant, refined color palette for impactful graphs and charts to tell your story.

 This simple yet classic presentation template with editable slides showcases products, timeline, locations, growing trends, charts, facts, and figures that can be used to highlight your company in the best light.

Presentation template for tech startups

 If you’re in the business of emerging technology and you want to add a creative touch to your ideas and pitch decks, then this is your go-to template. Show’s tech startup presentation template is ideal for all B2B business models including tech startups. Create compelling pitch decks and business stories with built-in customizable slides.

 This presentation template covers all aspects of a business pitch proposal, starting from business solutions and data analysis and covering timeline, market insights and pricing template. Use this template to get started on your pitch deck detailing your company’s vision, growth projections, strategies, value proposition, and success stories with bold and modern graphics.

Creating a presentation can be tedious, depending on the objective, agenda and business scale. These templates, categorized by industry, are easy to use and save you plenty of time by offering a fully customizable, professionally designed presentation you don’t have to create from scratch. Simply choose a template and get started with your presentation.

Access our growing library of presentation templates and themes from Show now, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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