Industry Templates

Check out Zoho Show's growing library of industry-specific slide decks. Whether you run a restaurant or an online store, we've got a template that will match your style and aesthetic.

Jewelry and Luxury Goods Template

This sophisticated template will communicate your sales goals and strategies through its subtle pops of color and classic style.

Playfair DisplayRaleway

Real Estate Template

This refined, professional template with compelling visuals and clean lines will demonstrate your grasp of the real estate market.

Open Sans

Retail Fashion Template

This hip, youthful presentation makes for a bold, colorful slide deck. Introduce your company, sell your product, and get the word out.

Expletus SansLato

Beauty and Cosmetics Template

This simple but classic presentation will highlight your company in the best light. An elegant, refined palette uses impactful graphs and charts to tell your story.

Josefin Sans

Tech Startup Template

Grab your audience's attention with this vibrant, colorful template. Detail your future growth and your success strategies, with bold, modern graphics.


Coffee Shop

Modern design touches combine with bright colors to make this upbeat and energetic slide deck.

Amatic SCPlayfair Display

Wedding Photographer

With both a classical and modern feel, this understated template combines pink accents with gray tones for a highly refined result.

Nixie OneDarker Grotesque

Burger Joint Superside

A modern, minimalist design gives this template a fresh and sophisticated feel. Pops of color are sure to leave your audience hungry for more.

ArvoOpen Sans

Manufacturing Car Parts

Subtle design elements paired with bold, neon colors make this template one that really stands out from the crowd.



This bold, modern template will help you stand out from the herd. Playful, pop art design touches create slides with a casual yet confident feel.


Gym and Fitness

Playful geometric designs accented with blue and red highlights combine to create an energetic slide deck that will get your audience going.

Squada OneAbel

Non Profit

This highly structured slide deck uses warm, vibrant reds and minimalist design to create a friendly, engaging presentation template.

Playfair DisplayRoboto

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