How to promote gender equality in your organization

At the rate we’re going now, the Global Gender Gap Report for 2020 says it will take another century before we achieve gender equality. Not to mention that this statistic doesn’t account for equal rights and representation for transgender individuals. So while we have come a long way, it’s clear we still have work to do. By reviewing the people management practices in your organization regularly, you can help ensure no employee or candidate is discriminated against because of their sex or gender identity. This creates a safe working environment where everyone’s voices are heard and valued, leading to better innovation and problem-solving.

Promoting gender equality

Setting an excellent example for inclusivity will also improve your reputation with both prospects and job-seekers. Here are some tips on how to promote gender equality in your organization:

  • Be mindful about implicit bias when hiring. Job descriptions should be written with gender-neutral language, and a candidate’s personal information, like their marital status or the number of kids they have, should not be discussed during the hiring process.

  • Integrate gender equality and inclusivity into your organization’s work culture. This includes having equal representation at the executive level, providing parental benefits to all employees, and assigning equal responsibilities to every team member.

  • Promote pay transparency by creating a central repository that has the salary details of each role. Always ensure your employees are aware of how their salary is determined.

  • Organize training programs to help employees be mindful about gender equality, recognize unconscious bias, and make decisions that are more inclusive.

  • Create a flexible work environment that supports work-life balance. Having a personal life is not a gendered trait, and everyone should be offered considerations that promote a healthy, happy life outside of work.

  • Take swift action against harassment and discrimination. Your onboarding paperwork should include an employee conduct policy that clearly outlines the company’s rules and the consequences for breaking them. All employees should be aware of how to report any acts of misconduct.

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