Gantt Chart: The Incredible Story Continues

We have already seen how the Gantt Chart was used in several projects, big and small, across industries over the last century. Its original use was to plan production in factories, to allow all components to be available when needed for subsequent production activity. Today, as we hear from our customers, they are used in a variety of other applications and this includes marketing! Find it hard to believe? Take a look at these examples.

Caldera Group is a company based in the Netherlands, that offers shared marketing services. It provides its customers the marketing department they always wanted, at an affordable cost. “As part of our work, we have to communicate with multiple companies,” says Leon Hamstra, a director of Caldera Group. “Our operations require our employees and our customers to be on the same page at all times. The Zoho Projects Gantt Chart helps us do just that.”

Moving to Johannesburg, South Africa we have Spaghetti TV, a company that produces corporate movies, presentations, TV commercials, documentaries and other content for broadcast and online distribution. “We work with clients all over the world and we use Zoho Projects as a means of not only planning the project for internal resources, but also for giving clients a view of project progress,” says its founder Andrew Lester. “The Gantt view is something they are used to interacting with and being able to edit tasks here was a real improvement for us.

We see that the Gantt chart continues to be an important tool for managers and we want to make sure they get the best out of it. So here are some more enhancements we’ve added to the Zoho Projects Gantt view.

Add new tasks

You can now create new tasks and subtasks within the chart itself. Pointing at any task or subtask in the list pane shows a ‘+’ button next to it. Click this button to insert a new task just above it. This new task gets added at the same level of hierarchy as the task you clicked.


View more columns

You can expand the pane that lists out the task names by dragging its right margin. And doing so now reveals more columns. Percentage completed, duration, start date, end date and owner can be seen within the chart itself.


Completion percentage for milestones and taskbars

The milestone bars and tasklist bars in the chart now show percentage completed. This is calculated as the average percentage completed of the tasks they contain.


Do check out these features and let us know your feedback.

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    1. Hi Kristin, This feature is already available in our enterprise plan. In the home page you will find a section called 'Admin' in the left margin. Here, go to Reports -> Gantt View.

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