Announcing the launch of Arabic language support in Zoho Projects

We’re happy to bring you some good news along with this year’s Ramadan wishes.


To all our readers,

 Eid Mubarak! or !عيد مبارك

Now you can wish your team in Arabic too with Zoho Projects! That’s right, we’re launching the support for Arabic in our software, along with full RTL support. Be it with your teammates, clients, or other stakeholders, bridge the communication gap by conversing easily in your native language.

How to turn this ON? Just go to Setup -> Personal Preferences -> Profile -> Click the edit profile option next to your name, and select ‘Arabic’ under the ‘Language’ drop-down menu.

Here’s how your screen looks like in Arabic:

ZP Dashboard Arabic

ZP Tasks Arabic

We’d also like to share a few other updates we’ve made:

  • Bulk shifting dates – Scheduling changes are an inevitable part of any project. To facilitate date adjustments, we’ve introduced an option to bulk shift the start and end dates for your tasks. You can either postpone or advance the dates by a particular number of days, or you can change it to a specific date.

  • Baseline for Milestones – We’re extending the baseline functionality in Gantt charts to include milestones too. Set a baseline and compare it with your current progress to analyze how close or far away you are to your project goals.

  • Global Task Reports – For a global overview of tasks, we’ve included the ‘Task Reports’ in the global ‘Reports’ module under Work Overview. Make use of the basic or advanced reports, or create your own custom reports to get a pulse of all the tasks that are happening across projects.

  • Subtasks in recurring – While setting up a parent task to be a recurring one, you now have the option to make all the associated subtasks recurring as well.

  • Project activity – In your project-level dashboard, click on the ‘Project Activity’ icon on the top right corner next to the three dots. This will display the stream of activities that have taken place in that particular project along with a timeline.

Are you ready to try out these new updates? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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