Managing employees during a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many employees to shift to remote work all of a sudden. As an HR manager, you have to manage your employees effectively, especially during difficult times like these. It’s essential to develop timely strategies to help employees be productive as they get used to their new working environment.

Role of HR in managing the Coronavirus crisis

Here are some tips that will ease workforce management during this challenging situation:

  • Analyze how your business will be affected by the pandemic and develop a risk management plan

  • Make your employees aware of the impact of the pandemic on your business and communicate the plan to overcome the crisis

  • Provide flexible working options and modify your attendance policies to help employees strike a balance between their professional and personal lives

  • Create a work from home policy to help employees understand your working expectations

  • Offer the right tech tools that will help employees stay engaged and productive during this period

Read more about the tips to manage employees during a global pandemic in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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