Zoho Workerly integrates with Ytel & Vonage

The COVID-19 pandemic may still be working its way across the globe, but essential work functions still go on in whatever way they can. With temp demand at an all-time high, it's the challenge of a temp staffing agent to ensure that shifts are scheduled with the right temps on time. Temporary staffing is not an easy task, and contacting temps about scheduling a shift or keeping clients informed may be frustrating, time -consuming, and expensive.

As a professional temp staffing agent, you might find the best temps are often busy because they are frequently assigned to jobs. Being able to successfully compete for a temp's time can mean the difference between matching clients with the right temp and having a deal fall through. Luckily, more and more temp staffing agents are realizing that SMS and voice messages are effective ways to communicate quickly and efficiently with temps while working remotely.

With Zoho Workerly, sending SMS and voice messages can now be done faster and easier than ever!

ytel and vonage for zoho workerly

We are delighted to announce our integration with Ytel and Vonage for improved communication during the staffing process. You can create custom SMS templates that will save you from re-typing the same messages every time. All the messages you send will be recorded in your Ytel and Vonage dashboards respectively. Please note that the extensions are available only for the US DC users for now.

While working remotely, automating an SMS or a voice Message can save you money and make your business more efficient. By making SMS reminders using the Ytel or Vonage integration, temp no-shows can be dramatically reduced. In turn, this enhances your brand reputation and client relationships.

Important or quickly assigned job details can be easily shared with temps using custom text or voice messages. At times, you may need to control the flow of incoming and outgoing calls from temps or contacts. Especially during this pandemic, you may find a high volume of incoming calls with various questions. To ease this situation, we have enabled IVR through Zoho Workerly's integration with Vonage. You can simply upload audio files or convert text to speech while inside Workerly's interface. It's all set up.

Temp staffing agents can save administrative overhead costs by improving productivity with Zoho Workerly's integration with Ytel and Vonage. Agents can cut down the time they spend on numerous phone calls or messages from their mobile phones. Instead, they can send out SMS and voice messages to temps and contacts directly from Zoho Workerly. Isn't it amazing?

Find more about how the integration works here. Ytel | Vonage

Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Please feel free to reach out to us at support@zohoworkerly.com

Zoho Workerly is dedicated to ensuring that you and your team feel supported and are equipped to adapt to the rapid changes you may be experiencing during this difficult period. We’re in this together.


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