Introducing Zoho SalesIQ for Apple TV

Getting to know and understand what is happening on your website in real-time allows your business to move as fast as your customers and clients!

Now, how about having this super important data up there on your office wall!

Visualize the most relevant KPI’s of your business on the big screen with the new SalesIQ for Apple TV. This app displays KPI information on your Apple TV so that you and your entire team in the office can visualize your targets and productivity at all times. When the information is clear and accessible to everyone, there’s a better understanding of performance.

The big picture of your most important metrics

Know who’s here and now

Get a live feed of your website’s visitors from across the globe to know how many visitors you have at any given time, and where they are located.

The SalesIQ Map View literally gives you a view of your website traffic’s geographic clustering over time. Each visitor on your website is represented by a bubble. The size and colour of the bubbles indicate the recency of each visit. The large, blue bubbles denote the most recent visitors and the old visitors are marked with small, transparent dots.

The map view helps you monitor the real-time traffic to your website from across the globe, geographic clusters and peak traffic hours for every region. 

Dive into the details

Your company ’s website statistics give you valuable insights into your customer’s behaviour and how the general audience find your business online. The most important data include your web traffic sources, popular pages on your site, top-performing business departments, traffic patterns. 

The SalesIQ Reports Dashboard gives you a consolidated real-time view of the daily data to keep your sales, support and marketing teams focused on key business metrics and helps promote data-driven decision making throughout your organization.


These easy-to-read graphs, charts, and tables help you and your team analyse stats quickly. You can use this information to focus your marketing, content development, and sales efforts and let your teams see the results of their hard work.

Why SalesIQ for Apple TV?

It’s convenient

Setup the simple, and silent yet powerful TV dashboard to display your upmost important numbers at the convenience of your office conference rooms. (You could be someone reading this right before or right after your meeting just now!)

It’s accessible and transparent

Various levels in an organisation do not always have access to data or dashboards. Even if they do, it is often a tedious process to get key information across different teams. With all this information up there on your office television for employees, stakeholders and CXO’s to view the same key metrics, all verticals can create priorities based around the same targets and work towards common goals. With the TV dashboard up on a shared space, promotes a culture of transparency. It makes your company’s objectives common and clear, to get everyone on the same page and work in the same direction.

It’s simple

The TV dashboard is most impactful when it is seamlessly integrated into your office space in terms of both design and positioning. A good dashboard layout can completely change the way your employees use the data to make decisions. Its simple design makes it straightforward for employees to understand what the data is speaking. Visual elements like maps, graphs and tables are self-explanatory and convey better, which makes data consumable.

It’s a team game

When all of your company’s information is up there on the office wall, the metrics remain at the forefront of your team’s mind. While all the members of your team and organisation can glance at the large screen and gain quick access to vital nuggets of information, they ’re likely to gain a deeper understanding of the business and realize just how important each one of them is, both as an individual and as part of a team and as a result, drives engagement.

Give your office walls the big screen upgrade now! Try the all-new “SalesIQ app for Apple TV” now available on the App Store 

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The SalesIQ app for Apple TV is currently available for Zoho SalesIQ Professional and Enterprise plan users and Zoho One and Zoho CrmPlus customers. 



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