Make faster, more effective HR decisions with the all-new consolidated Reports in Zoho People

HR reports are vital for improving your employee experience. By analyzing employee data, these reports provide the information you need to make informed decisions and optimize your people management strategies.

You can identify workplace issues and address them at the source before they start bringing consequences for your organization and its employees.

Zoho People provides access to a variety of reports covering every module, including Attendance, Leave, Timesheets, Performance, Learning, Cases, Files, and more. To provide a more seamless reporting experience to our customers, we have an important update that we’re super excited to share. We have consolidated all of our reports under a separate module to give you actionable insights without the hassle of switching tabs.

Reports in Zoho People

How do consolidated reports work in Zoho People?

The Reports section in Zoho People has now been categorized into three sections: My Reports, Team Reports, and Organization Reports. Here’s a quick summary of everything that you can find under the three categories:

  • My Reports

These are individual reports that can be accessed by each employee to get better visibility into their everyday activities within Zoho People and the work they do. Attendance, leave, timesheet, and performance reports can be found under this section.

My Reports in Zoho People

For instance, if they want to get an update on their job or project status, they can navigate to the Timesheet column under the My Reports section to get a quick overview. Similarly, if they want to know their overtime details for the current month, they can find it under the Attendance column.

  • Team Reports

Under this section, managers can find the leave, attendance, timesheet, and performance data of their team members. Close to 30 reports have been added to this section to help managers get a comprehensive view of how their team has been progressing and make informed decisions.

Team Reports in Zoho People

For instance, if a high-priority task comes up all of a sudden, managers can quickly navigate to the Resource Availability report under the Leave column to see who’s available from their team. This will allow them to assign the high-priority task to someone who can take care of it quickly.

  • Organization Reports

Organization reports give Zoho People administrators and HR executives a clear overview of how different HR processes have been coming along in their organization.

Organization Reports in Zoho People

In addition to summaries from the reports mentioned above, these also include reports on employee attrition rate, employee headcount, and the total number of new hires in the organization. This your executives work with your HR team to craft better people management strategies and enhance your organization’s employer brand.

Note: Customers who have integrated Zoho People with Zoho Analytics will find two additional categories for custom reports and dashboards.

Wrapping up

With the insights drawn from the Zoho People Reports feature, organizations can make better decisions to provide a better working experience to their employees. Check out our help docs to learn how to use our consolidated Reports to the fullest!

 Give this feature a try and let us know how it helped you. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at


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