Why are client portals essential in your consulting business?

A recruiter I met in 2019 at an HR conference in Sydney once said, “If I’m successful with my clients, I’m successful in my staffing business.” And it’s true. Putting client happiness first has always been a top priority for recruitment agencies throughout the years, and 2021 is no different.

An organization’s most important asset is its employees, and your clients put their trust in you to hire the right ones. This means more transparency and integrity is expected in your hiring cycle. Additionally, your clients are likely facing tight deadlines, so it’s important to have a quick and direct communication channel. Zoho Recruit’s dedicated client portal takes care of both these situations.

Here are five tips on how to use this portal to strengthen your client relationships:

  1. Choose the right recruitment software
  2. Bring your clients into the conversation
  3. Stay notified about client activity
  4. Create role-specific profiles for your client’s team
  5. Provide data summaries at a glance

Choose the right recruitment software

Your clients don’t want to jump through a million hoops during the hiring process—that’s why they chose you. Your talent acquisition software should make their lives easier, and having one with a client portal feature is a great start. Zoho Recruit’s client portal lets you engage with your clients more effectively, submit candidates for their review, and involve them more throughout the recruitment process.

Try Zoho Recruit’s Client Portal for free

Bring your clients into the conversation

Good client management requires clear communication between you and the companies you work with. Rather than chasing down important stakeholders and struggling to keep track of client emails, a client portal allows you to have those conversations in one place. This keeps everyone on the same page and saves time and energy.

For example, Zoho Recruit’s client portal provides two key features that improve collaboration between you and your clients.

1) Interview evaluations

As candidates progress through their applications, it’s essential to involve your clients during the interview stage. Zoho Recruit’s client portal allows your clients to rate a candidate’s interview performance and add comments, all from one interface.

You can assign interviews to your clients and add any required notes, making your hiring process all the more inclusive.

2) New job openings

Zoho Recruit’s portal also allows your clients to add jobs to the portal themselves. These jobs will reflect in your recruitment software, reducing the need for back-and-forth email threads.

Stay notified about client activity

It’s important that you and your team members are notified when clients add notes during the recruitment process. A running history of all client comments in Zoho Recruit makes sure you don’t miss out on important updates. Be it interview feedback for that full-stack developer, a new job requisition for a software architect, or a star rating for a candidate, you won’t miss a thing.

Create role-specific profiles for your clients

Clients may have several people who are involved with their recruitment process and need access to the client portal. For example, John may need access only to the interviews that he handles while Amy, your primary client contact, has to oversee the entire recruitment process from beginning to end.

By creating individual profiles, everyone on your client’s team will have the access they need, and they’ll be able to see only the information that is most important to their role.

Provide data summaries at a glance

Sometimes executives who may not be directly involved with the recruitment pipeline still want updates on how their talent acquisition efforts are going. With Recruit’s client portal, it’s easy to give them a summary of high-level information such as jobs in the pipeline, applications that haven’t been looked at yet, and interviews that are yet to be scheduled.

Here’s an example of how Zoho Recruit consolidates this data and keeps them informed with all the essentials when your clients log in.

Think this is something you would want to try and see for yourself? Sign up for our forever-free trial account to start building stronger relationships with your clients today.


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