6 ways you can leverage Generative AI in Zoho One using Zia

6 ways you can leverage Generative AI in Zoho One using Zia

Despite AI's position as a still-emerging technology, it has experienced astronomical growth across all fields. People have slowly warmed up to AI thanks to its easy accessibility and undeniable impact on daily productivity, as well as its ability to empower users' skillsets. The majority of generative AI's popularity stems from its ability to help users tackle challenges by using their creativity paired with AI's executive augments.

At Zoho One, we embrace innovation. Zia, Zoho's AI assistant, was made in-house for Zoho products. Its new integration with OpenAI now makes content generation, business communication, workflow automation, customer relations, and support effortless.

Zoho One acts as the hub for all your business processes, facilitating marketing, CRM, accounting, customer support, productivity, finance, collaboration, and human resources. A virtual assistant like Zia elevates your Zoho One experience by automating tasks efficiently using OpenAI integrations.

Check out these six tips on how you can incorporate Zia's generative AI into your Zoho ecosystem

1) CRM - Managing customer relations and engagement often deals with drafting personalized emails for a particular client and may be crucial for securing a deal or contract. You can leave the heavy lifting to Zia for drafting complete emails, improving existing content, and creating custom email templates to maximize your results.

2) Analytics and BI - Converse with and ask Zia to generate actionable insights from raw data and obtain KPIs and data visualization with easy queries.

➤ Create custom formulas.

    ➤ Import public datasets and manage data by generating SQL queries.

      ➤ Use Ask Zia to predict future trends with Zia's predictive analysis.

        ➤ Generate instant queries and transform existing tables.


        3) Business communication - Zia can be a lifesaver when it comes to business communication by assisting in messages, calls, and meetings. With Zia's AI assistance, you can now:

        ➤ Translate messages automatically.

          ➤ Summarize unread messages.

            ➤ Generate an image with query.

              ➤ Generate instant emails.

                ➤ Detect speech and change backgrounds or add filters during calls.

                  Users can also leverage OpenAI's functionalities using the ChatGPT extension in Cliq to access special bots, commands, and message actions.


                  4) Customer service and support - Customer service can be a delicate task which can get tiring at times. Using Zia and generative AI, you can maximize productivity, increase the quality of customer conversations, and provide an overall great customer experience by:

                  ➤ Summarizing conversations automatically.

                    ➤ Writing compelling conversations using writing assistants.

                      ➤ Creating auto-tags to contextually generate tags for better record-keeping.

                        ➤ Crawling your knowledge base for articles and providing instant replies.

                          ➤ Using sentimental analysis to understand the customer and respond promptly.

                          Zia is handy when it comes to remote support as well, generate entire session summaries with actions done, chat replies, and solutions provided for a more comprehensive report.


                          5) Content creation - Spark your creativity using Zoho Social with Zia, powered by generative AI. Maintaining a content calendar and keeping up with the dates can be challenging, especially for research and content creation.

                          With Zia, you can meet your deadlines, keep up with current trends, and produce compelling and relevant social media content. Zia can do this instantly by:

                          ➤ Generating content for you based on a particular subject or keyword.

                            ➤ Suggesting relevant pictures to add to a post.

                              ➤ Suggesting appropriate hashtags for your posts.

                                ➤ Rephrasing and streamlining content for you.

                                  ➤ Providing different variations of content.


                                  6) Webpage content management - Create new exciting landing pages and customize existing ones in Zoho LandingPage using Zia's generative AI to suit all your marketing campaigns.

                                  ➤ Reduce dependencies on writers and designers.

                                    ➤ Optimize content using regenerative suggestions.

                                      ➤ Generate landing page copies from scratch.

                                        Try these integrated generative AI features or your business today. Use Zia for better business communication, managing customer relations, analyzing key business metrics, creating content that fits your organization's persona, generating custom landing pages for campaigns, and to make everyday tasks easier. Let us know if you have tried these tips out already or if you discovered more!

                                        Disclaimer : The mentioned features are only available for select DCs as of now. For more details regarding the availability and functionality of Zia for Zoho One, please check Zia's help documentation here.


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