Better audio conferencing in Zoho Meeting

After moving to WebRTC technology, we have continually made improvements in Zoho Meeting. Recently we have made a major change in our communication protocols to reduce bandwidth usage. Now, you will experience faster connection speed and better stability in your meetings.

With Zoho Meeting, we make audio simple and easy with built-in audio conference service. You can either join the conference directly from your computer using VoIP or from your phone using the international dial-in numbers.

Talk directly from your computer

Early this year, we re-introduced VoIP or internet calling in Zoho Meeting to join the conference from your browser. Once you join the meeting you will be prompted to allow access to your microphone and webcam to join the conference from your computer.

Call using phone

We have now increased the toll-based international dial-in numbers and provide numbers for up to 40 countries. The presenter and participants can choose their country from the toolbar to get the respective dial-in number and the conference details to join the audio conferencing.

Toll-free addon

We have also added toll-free numbers for 25 countries. You can get the toll-free add-on so that your participants join the conference without spending a penny for the call.

Record your conference call

You and your participant may choose any of the built-in audio options to join the conference during the meeting.  When you record your meeting, the discussions over the conference will be recorded automatically.

Use your own conference service 

If you would like to use your own conferencing service, you can provide the conference details while scheduling the meeting. The presenter and the participants will be joining the conference using those conference details from the meeting toolbar.

We are continuously enhancing the web conferencing tool and adding the usabilities for this feature. Stay tuned to us.

 Happy meeting!


New to Meeting? Zoho Meeting is a robust web conferencing platform, built to host online meetings without any installation hassles. Talk face-to-face using video or over the phone using international dial-in numbers. Share your screen or application. Record your meetings. Embed meetings on your website.

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