The importance of tracking your sales team's performance

This is a guest post by Natalia Tobajas, Content Manager at Plecto.

It’s common knowledge that managers are busy with tight agendas, and that doesn’t usually involve tracking performance on a daily basis.

The Plecto integration with Zoho CRM makes this easy, giving you an overview of your sales team's performance so you can plan better to achieve your sales targets. You can use the Plecto dashboards to track these key KPIs in your sales departments with data from Zoho CRM:

Inbound and outbound calls

Know who your salespeople are interacting with to understand where you should focus your resources. A complete overview of both inbound and outbound calls will enable you to make more accurate decisions for your sales strategy.

Number of leads

This gives you a realistic view of how many people are potentially interested in your product. It's also a perfect example of why it's important to involve employees in each department’s performance. If the sales team is not getting enough leads, your marketing department can surely do something about it. But how can they know if they don’t see it?

Salesperson leaderboard

Stay on top of your employees’ individual performance so you know the ones getting the most results and the ones that need a little help in reaching their targets.

You can also actively talk to your team about their performance to devise performance strategies and profitable courses of action.

Start tracking your sales team's performance with the Plecto and CRM integration

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