How to develop an effective work from home policy

Organizations that have decided to continue working from home need to develop work from home policies to help employees understand what is expected from them. This also goes a long way in keeping your employees engaged and productive.

Work from Home policy

Here are some tips to help you develop a work from home policy that your employees will love:

  • State the purpose of the policy clearly, and make the policy short and clear

  • Create eligibility criteria for that include every employee in your organization

  • Receive feedback from your employees to understand what they expect from working from home

  • Specify the time that employees are expected to work, to prevent availability problems

  • Mention the communication channels that employees should use while working remotely

  • Stress the importance of data security and include the security policies for employees to follow

Read more about the tips to develop a work from home policy in our HR Knowledge Hive.


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