ProTips: 5 ways to increase sales using a professional email signature

This is a guest post by Bybrand.

The many emails your business sends out represent a huge and often untapped opportunity to connect with both current and potential customers.

Let's see how you can leverage your sales emails with HTML email signatures to achieve more for your business.

ProTip 1: Clickable email signatures  

Email signatures are all very similar. They include a name, job title, an email address, and a phone number. However, your sales email signature provides space for more than just basic details and contact information.

A clickable sales email signature can contain links to the company's website, blog, or social media handles, and a banner image for events or promotions. Many businesses use email signatures as an effective branding tool to drive traffic to digital platforms, where it can then generate leads.

ProTip 2: Provide social media icons  

One of the best practices for your email signature is to provide links to your social media channels. Not only will this help you grow those channels, it will also allow prospects to get to know your brand better.

Make it easier for your email recipients to find you elsewhere online by linking your main social media accounts, websites, and other vital information. However, avoid clutter by not adding too much information to your signature. Instead, sticking to up to three social media icons is recommended.

ProTip 3: Use a call-to-action banner  

Quite a few businesses design their image banners to allow them to drive profits. So why not include it in your email signature, whether you want to advertise products, discounts, events, conferences, content, surveys, newsletters, or even a free ebook?

Many marketing tools are incredibly costly and require a sizable investment. Instead, email signature marketing is a simple and incredibly easy-to-use marketing tool to drive sales.

ProTip 4: Keep brand consistency  

Having a distinct and instantly recognizable brand image is critical to growth. Many consumers make purchases based almost exclusively on branding. In addition, because email is often the primary means of communication with clients, you want them to be able to instantly recognize you, making them more likely to trust and buy from your company.

ProTip 5: Avoid errors with manual steps  

Bybrand for Zoho CRM allows you to quickly create and deploy uniform and modern email signatures. In addition, this solution for Zoho CRM users is fully integrated with the platform, so there's no need to paste signatures manually or follow extensive tutorials. The sales team that works directly with the email will have an efficient email signature to capture the customer's attention.

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