Introducing Aircall, CallHippo, Vonage, Charm, and 33 more extensions for Zoho Desk

Deliver stellar customer service and win customer loyalty with Zoho Desk. In addition to the 200+ existing extensions for Zoho Desk, we released 37 new extensions in the first half of 2022. Connect your favourite business apps with Zoho Desk in a snap without writing a single-line of code.

Broadcast Email Template

Create email templates in multiple departments at once. Choose to insert the agent's signature and the default happiness rating link into the template. Set the template as default in the chosen departments and more.

Mortgage Calculator (Only available for US)

Find the monthly payment and amortization schedule of a mortgage from within your Zoho Desk, in the contacts and tickets modules. Get the amortization schedules in a table format. Export the amortization schedule as a CSV file so you can email it to your customers.

eFax Corporate Extension (Only available for US)

Directly send faxes to the customers from Zoho Desk tickets. Attach documents and specific instructions required for the process and save time processing and coordinating between customers and technicians.

Burst SMS Extension (Only available for US)

The Burst SMS extension for Zoho Desk allows users to send SMS messages from Zoho Desk ticket directly to a customer's mobile number, driving customer acquisition and retention with a new communication channel.

Charm (Only available for US)

The ChARM EHR for Zoho Desk extension is designed to synchronize patient information between ChARM EHR and Zoho Desk. With this integration, patient data can be accessed anytime from tickets in Zoho Desk, and the data can be managed from within the Zoho Desk.

Related Tickets by Custom Fields

View key information of the related tickets, such as ticket ID, ticket owner, status, and date/time created. Find related tickets that match the field value of a specific custom field, or all added custom fields and more.

Twilio Extension (Only available for US)

Send SMS messages from your Zoho Desk tickets to the client's mobile number directly to drive customer acquisition and retention. Automatically store the SMS replies received from the customers with their existing records in Zoho Desk tickets and more.

Vonage (Only available for US)

Enable support agents to send SMS messages to their clients, directly from within the Zoho Desk.  Utilize SMS communication as a channel to monitor activities associated with their business processes and maintain a more personal point of contact with their clients.

SimPRO (Only available for US)

Transfer Zoho Desk tickets to simPRO job or quote. Auto lookup and connect tickets to parent customers. Create new site or link jobs/quotes to default sites and more.


Start receiving international calls from 140+ countries and expand the capabilities of your Zoho desk. Benefit from automatic call logging and two-way synchronization, have all important customer data within your reach, and more.

Ticket Checklist (Only available for EU DC)

Prioritize your ticket-related tasks with a real-time list, visible to all Desk users who open the ticket. The Checklist extension links a checklist to each ticket, and empowers you to add, remove, and complete associated items.

Telnyx SMS MMS Integration (Only available for US)

Allows SMS and MMS communication between service agents and end users, and automatically sends SMS notifications of status changes.

Direct SMS extension (Only available for US)

Send and receive SMS messages from Zoho Desk tickets directly to customers. This extension allows users to send SMS messages from Zoho Desk tickets directly to clients' mobile numbers, driving customer acquisition and retention with a new communication channel.

ChannelReply (Only available for US)

View order information on ecommerce tickets. Access unique in-app actions for every supported marketplace. Issue refunds, manage returns, cancel orders, request reviews, and more.

ClickSend Plugin' (Only available for US)

Send and receive SMS messages between your Zoho Desk tickets and your clients' mobile numbers. Create, update, or delete custom templates to make your messages more engaging.

Clickatell Extension (Only available for US DC)

Send and receive SMS messages from Zoho Desk tickets directly to and from customer mobile numbers, and improve engagement by tracking relevant records. Stores all the inbound and outbound SMS messages in your Zoho Desk tickets.

Telephony extensions

We released 21 new telephony extensions for Zoho Desk. Start making calls from within your Zoho Desk, and receive incoming call pop-ups to get contextual details even before you answer the call. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after the call ends. Click below to learn more.

P.S: These extensions are also compatible with Zoho CRM, Bigin, Zoho Recruit, and Zoho SalesIQ.

Voxbay Cloud Telephony


Eylo VoIP





Stream Telecom


MaxoTel for Zoho

Phonon Central


Velox Networks

Cloud Communications

VoIP Portal

Luna PBX

Go Integrator Plus

The Real PBX


Core Phone

CloudPBX integration

Empower your support teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences with extensions from Zoho Marketplace. 

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