4 reasons to integrate marketing automation with CRM

This is a guest post by Adriel, VP of Marketing, ActiveDEMAND

Aligning your marketing and sales efforts is crucial to enhancing lead quality and seamless data exchange. Zoho CRM empowers businesses to convert leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. You can produce even better business results by combining Zoho CRM and marketing automation from ActiveDEMAND.

1. Give sales more insights on prospects  

Top performing salespeople research their clients, so they know the best questions to ask and which products to recommend. Leading brands use marketing automation systems that work best with their CRM platform to get additional prospect insights. ActiveDEMAND can notify salespeople about which prospects are visiting the website or opening sales emails.

2. Automatically log phone calls   

Have you ever been on a call with a vendor and heard them typing away on their keyboard in the background? Have you ever been taking notes on a call, but missed a critical piece of information? Using the ActiveDEMAND extension, you can make client calls right from within the Zoho CRM interface, record them, have them transcribed using ActiveDEMAND’s Call Forensics, and upload the transcript to Zoho CRM. This allows you to focus on the client during your sales calls instead of madly taking notes as fast as possible.

3. Give marketing feedback on leads that close  

Very often, the marketing team doesn’t know what happens to sales leads after they get forwarded on. Most marketers want to continually improve their marketing efforts, but they need reliable feedback from sales on lead quality. Connecting deal stages between Zoho CRM and ActiveDEMAND closes the sales-marketing loop. Now, your marketing team knows which marketing channels are delivering and which channels are wasting valuable sales resources.

4. Post-sale customer survey  

Consistent customer satisfaction feedback is critical to most business success. Many of the roles in an organization are geared towards customer happiness, but where is that important data coming from? Consistently surveying customers after a sale is made and after key milestones is a good way to get valuable customer feedback when it’s fresh in their minds.

Times to survey customer satisfaction:

  • Right after a sale
  • Shortly after the product/service is delivered
  • Once per year/quarter on their purchase anniversary

It's important to be sure not to survey customers at sensitive times and look to provide encouragement for reviews from customers who are particularly happy.

Zoho CRM + ActiveDEMAND: A sales and marketing power platform  

There are places in each stage of the sales funnel that would benefit from marketing insight and ActiveDEMAND’s marketing automation platform. It helps sales engage more customers and become more efficient while allowing marketing teams to deliver better leads and enhance customer satisfaction after the sale. Together, Zoho CRM and ActiveDEMAND work together to help you get more quality leads and increase your revenue.

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