4 customer support fears to tackle and overcome

Customer service is tricky! As a support agent, you face numerous challenges everyday, such as understanding the customer, empathizing with them, and sometimes even dealing with their anger. At times even you need a little bit of support at work. While we can't step in to fill your shoes, we can definitely help you overcome a few fears that you might have. Read on to find out more.

1. Fear of being in the dark

Engaging with a repeat complainant with no context is like walking into a meeting not knowing the agenda! That meeting will neither be fruitful to you nor to the customer. In fact, it might frustrate and annoy the customer, as the solution you offer might have been something the customer had already tried with no success.

However, if you could view a customer's previous tickets, you'd be able to engage contextually and offer a better solution.

Treat: Customer Ticket History

With this extension, you'll be able to see a contact's most recent tickets, with information like status, creation date, and assigned agent. You can also filter recent tickets by department and status to narrow in on issues that might be related to the current ticket.

Learn more about Customer Ticket History

2. Fear of not understanding a customer conversation

Sometimes, you might receive a ticket from a customer in a language you aren't familiar with, leaving you scratching your head and wondering how you can render support if you don't even know what the issue is.

But you needn't worry! A simple language translating tool should do the trick.

Treat: Unbable

Translate ticket conversations to your preferred language right within Zoho Desk, so you can easily communicate and resolve customer issues quickly.

Learn more about Unbable

3. Fear of missing a customer appointment or meeting

Missing out on a meeting does not look good on you or your company and can miff a customer.

Blocking your calendar for a meeting can help you not double-book your time, and also allow you to plan your day better.

Treat: Calendly Events

You can now schedule appointments with the associated customer from a ticket in Zoho Desk. The extension also allows you to reschedule or cancel an appointment and automatically updates the event to reflect the changes.

Learn more about Calendly Events

4. Fear of forgetting a task

Making a note of your tasks and setting priorities for them is important in customer support, as you wouldn't want to leave a task that needs to be done on high priority.

By making a to-do list, you can prioritize your tasks and work in an orderly fashion. Once you build a to-do list, you can set aside time for each task.

Treat: Checklist

This extension allows you to bring a contextual checklist to your help desk. You can add your to-do list as checklist items, link them with tickets, or convert them into tasks, and get cracking!

Learn more about Checklist

Go ahead, overcome these fears and have a fun Halloween!

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