5 best practices for organizational knowledge management

Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources to a business. It helps build a smarter workforce and improve the overall efficiency of the organization. Effectively implementing knowledge management techniques will help organizations establish a structured process to store, organize, and utilize important information. However, coming up with a knowledge management plan that can reap maximum benefits can be overwhelming.

Here are some best practices to set up a strong foundation for your knowledge management plan:

      1. Understand your organization's people and culture to create a plan that suits your requirements
      2. Create a step-by-step plan for knowledge management
      3. Set policies to regulate your knowledge management process
      4. Reward employees who contribute regularly to encourage them to continue their efforts
      5. Measure results to understand the outcomes and make improvements

Knowledge management is a continuous process and its strategies should evolve to meet the changing needs of your organization. Read our article for a deeper insight into these best practices to help build a successful knowledge management strategy for your organization.


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