Introducing Zoho Learn 2.0: Elevating training and knowledge sharing

Introducing Zoho Learn 2.0

Welcome to the next evolution of Zoho Learn! We’re thrilled to introduce Zoho Learn 2.0, packed with exciting features designed to enhance your training and knowledge sharing experiences.

Custom portals: Tailored learning experiences and knowledge sharing 

One of the most significant enhancements in Zoho Learn 2.0 is the introduction of custom portals. Now, you can create personalized training environments and also share knowledge with external users, partners, or clients. Customize the look and feel of your portals, deliver training content, and share resources seamlessly with your audience. This feature unlocks new opportunities for delivering customized learning experiences and facilitating knowledge sharing with external audiences.

SCORM compliance: Streamlined content integration 

We understand the importance of flexibility in content creation. That's why Zoho Learn 2.0 now supports SCORM compliance. Upload SCORM files directly into the platform, eliminating the need to recreate content from scratch. This feature simplifies content integration and ensures your existing SCORM content can be seamlessly incorporated into your training programs.

Department level training: Targeted learning management 

Zoho Learn 2.0 empowers you to assign training courses to specific departments within your organization. Track department-level reports to gain valuable insights into each group's progress and performance. This feature enhances your ability to deliver targeted training and measure its impact on different parts of your organization.

Course reminders: Drive course completion 

Send automated reminders to learners, nudging them to complete their courses. These reminders help learners stay on track and increase course completion rates, ensuring your training programs deliver the desired results.

Mandatory articles: Ensure important information is consumed 

Mark articles as must-read for users to ensure they receive critical information. This feature is invaluable for compliance documents, policy updates, or any content that requires mandatory consumption. Zoho Learn 2.0 helps you keep your audience informed and accountable.

Article verification: Keep knowledge up-to-date 

Maintaining a current knowledge base is essential. Zoho Learn 2.0 introduces verification reminders to ensure that your knowledge base articles remain up-to-date. Say goodbye to outdated content and keep your information relevant and reliable.

External article sharing: Share, secure, and control 

Lastly, external article sharing in Zoho Learn 2.0 opens new avenues for collaboration. You can now share articles as external links with users outside your organization. With the added options of password protection and link expiration, you have full control over who accesses your shared content.

Space banners: Establish a brand identity for your departments

Similar to manuals, Zoho Learn now offers the option to add a banner image into your space. This adds a unique touch to represent your department. Decide whether to display or hide the banner, and personalize it with your preferred image.

Wrapping up 

With Zoho Learn 2.0, we've transformed the way you share knowledge and deliver training. From custom portals to SCORM compliance and mandatory articles, our latest release is designed to make your knowledge base and training programs more effective and engaging.

Thank you for choosing Zoho Learn. Explore Zoho Learn 2.0 today and experience the future of training and knowledge sharing!


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