Meet online from Zoho Mail: Part 1

With terms like "remote work" and "new normal" finding their way into most discussions, every online platform strives to equip its customers with the best remote tools.

Are we doing the same? Well...yes and no.

Yes, because we at Zoho Mail have been trying to enhance our remote collaboration capabilities. After all, remote tools have indeed become the need of the hour for most businesses to stay afloat.

And no, because we did not stop there. Along with enhancing Zoho Mail's remote features, we have also been focusing on bringing other essential remote working solutions into your inbox.

Of all these tools, video conferencing solutions are by far the most in demand at the moment. With much of our work moving into the virtual world, these solutions have become the channel for everything ranging from a quick team meeting to events you conduct for your customers.

Our remote tools integrations have brought Zoho's virtual meeting solutions right inside your inbox. We'll be learning the ropes of these integrations over a series of blogs.

The first integration in line will boost productivity by helping your team collaborate effectively while working remotely. Both within the team, and between teams.

Zoho Cliq for team communications

With miles between our teams, we can no longer slide over to our teammate's desk for a quick conversation to brainstorm ideas. All the 'water cooler conversations' have been replaced by chats and calls. Zoho Cliq helps bridge this gap with chat channels, audio, and video calls.

For example, imagine logging in for the day, then switching to Zoho Mail to read emails from your colleagues. Switch back to Cliq to discuss an email, then back to Mail to respond to the email before going back to Cliq to update your chat availability status.

Tired of jumping back and forth between Zoho Mail and Zoho Cliq tabs? Good news: with our new Cliq integration, there's no need to switch anymore.

You can now initiate Cliq calls directly from your email preview. Simply click on the audio/video call icons next to the sender's name to start talking with your colleague right away.

Your day is slightly easier now with options to change your Cliq status from Zoho Mail's profile section to let your team know when you've stepped away or joined a call.

We hope this integration helps make your remote work experience easier! If you like our latest integration, tweet to us and let us know.

We have more integrations with video conferencing tools coming your way: keep an eye on this blog for the next post in this series.

New services by Zoho Mail for better emailing and collaboration: Zoho TransMail for transactional email delivery and Zoho TeamInbox for shared inbox collaboration. 


7 Replies to Meet online from Zoho Mail: Part 1

  1. Let me understand: integration is in Zoho Mail via browser, in Zoho Mail Lite and in Zoho Mail App? By the way: once a Mail Full Edition for Mac and PC was announced in MeetUps. Any news from the developer?

  2. Greetings. First of all, congrats for the news, all welcomed. How about integrations with other IM? For exemple, connect my account with my WhatsApp (like in Opera Browser), Google IM, Skype, etc. Even that it is not possible loggin ing through Zoho (as single sign in or federated), at least as a integration (as Opera Browser, or configurable buttoms, etc), in order it will not be necessary be using this services in other windows or tabs. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We'll have our team explore the integrations that you're interested in. Meanwhile, please do try the Cliq integration and let us know your thoughts! :)

    1. Hey Jim! We understand that most users like you need a deeper integration with mainstream online meeting tools. Part 2 of our series might give you just what you need. Keep an eye out for the next blog! ;)

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