Zoho Mail extensions for business, Part 5: Extra support for customer support

Zoho Mail extensions for business

A quick recap of Chloe's previous chronicles: To keep her business running, she uses a host of different tools and applications. Everything from project management to virtual conferencing and tracking invoices is all in different places. To eliminate her need to hop between different applications to find the information she needs, she sought the help of Zoho Mail extensions. This meant that all of her most needed applications lived right inside her email view, facilitating easy access.

In the last episode, Chloe managed to get customers flowing in with her marketing prowess. Zoho Mail integrations for HubSpot, Mail Merge, and Zoho Social were pivotal in this.

Now, with the wind in Chloe's sails, she is set to tackle the next phase of her business: providing top-quality customer support. In the wise words of Vince Lombardi, an executive in the National Football League, "It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one." This instills the priority that customer support takes in any business.

Customer support extensions for Zoho Mail

Chloe ensures that not even a single customer query goes unheard. She uses a robust application that she can count on: Zoho Desk. This acts as a portal for her clients to raise queries, communicate about any issues, and get them resolved.

Zoho Desk is highly intuitive and lets her strengthen the connection between the customers and her marketing agency. This results in happy customers who refer more clients to Chloe's agency, and the cycle goes on.

She can take this customer engagement experience to a new level of convenience with the Zoho Desk extension for Zoho Mail. Now creating, checking ticket status, and editing tickets is frictionless. This guarantees that every customer query is answered and their feedback is tracked to improve their experience further.

Off with hopping between multiple applications and on with ease of access.

Chloe takes care of the majority of customer queries and tickets. However, some technical issues that fall outside of her scope also need attention. To resolve these issues, Chloe has a freelance support person.

She uses Jira to assign tasks to people who are outside of her agency—freelancers, external vendors, taxkeepers, etc. With this application, she can add tasks to the support person, get the technical issue fixed, and communicate it back to the customer.

The majority of her customer queries are through email, so it’s only prudent for Chloe to use the Zoho Mail extension for Jira. Now, assigning tasks can be done with a few clicks instead of opening a separate application.

With a system that gives her extra support by providing all of her most-used customer service applications at her fingertips, Chloe can now focus on delivering an amazing experience for her customers and keeping them happy.

Effective customer support demands a strong collaboration game from Chloe. This fosters a better understanding of the customer's issue, improves decision-making, and creates solutions.

With a huge pool of customers, there’s bound to be an overwhelming number of customer queries that Chloe still needs to be sorted out. This urges her to up her collaboration game with tools that she can count on.

Our next blog post will provide deeper insights into how Chloe communicates her thoughts and ideas to the people she's working with.


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