Simplify Getting Paid With Braintree

BraintreeWe have been on an integration spree since the beginning of this year. After the first two successful integration with Stripe and 2Checkout, Braintree is the latest payment gateway to be integrated to Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books.

If you haven’t begun accepting online payments from your customers, now is a good time to get started. Not only is creating a merchant account in Braintree is quick and painless, but also configuring it to Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books is easy.

Braintree supports multiple currencies and if your customers are across the globe, then it is a great payment gateway option to invest your money. Also, Braintree charges no monthly fee or minimums and charges you only for the transactions that have occurred (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction).

Awesome right? If you want to find out more,  head straight to our documentation for detailed information on how to set it up. We’ve got plenty more in store for you this year. Meanwhile,  share your feedback right here in the comments.


6 Replies to Simplify Getting Paid With Braintree

  1. Hi, Are you managing recurring invoices automatically from Braintree? (subscriptions for example monthly or annual). If not what's your suggestion how to do it in Zoho Invoice? Thanks

  2. Rob from Braintree here. We are not available to support merchants in Cambodia at this time. We continue to add countries every year, however and hope we'll make it to Cambodia someday soon.

  3. Hi Vannak,Braintree Payments settle payments in more than 13 major currencies. Cambodian Riel is not listed in that. You can have a look at the 130 currencies that the payment gateway supports in this link #.... . You can check with Braintree support folks on the options best suited for your business needs at support[at]braintreepayments[dot]com.

  4. Hi Dennis,Braintree is available for companies based in Australia too. For more information on Braintree, just head over to their website. You can always contact support[at]braintreepayments[dot]com for detailed information regarding the payment gateway.

  5. I would like to know how to register payment gateway with Braintree. I am now in Siem Rea, Cambodai. Is it available and possible ?

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