Leveling the playing field: Zoho Invoice is now free for SMBs everywhere

It was 2007, and Zoho was three years into building cloud applications. After launching our first few products for sales and collaboration, we set out to solve finance challenges and help business owners stay on top of their cash flow.

We launched Zoho Invoice in 2008, and we still remember the joy and excitement when we landed our first few customers! It’s been twelve and a half years since, and Zoho Invoice is now a leader in the small business invoicing space thanks to our customers and partners around the globe. Today, we’re happy to announce that Zoho Invoice will now be completely free for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Zoho Invoice-free online invoicing software

As we move forward with this new and exciting update, here’s a reflection on our journey so far, plans for the future, and our message to the SMB community.

Zoho Invoice over the years

Zoho Invoice has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, evolving into a full-blown invoicing and time tracking solution. In an effort toward our mission to make Zoho Invoice user-friendly, universally accessible, compliant with regulations around the world, we’ve launched 12 region-specific editions with 17 supported languages, and we’ve also launched native apps for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Giving back to the small business community

A great part of Zoho Invoice’s success is due to the SMB customers who were willing to try our application and offer vital feedback during its earliest days. We’ve worked closely with these customers and many others for over a decade, and we’re proud of the ways Zoho Invoice has helped the SMB community organize their sales and expenses, collect payments, and maintain a professional brand image. After witnessing their success stories firsthand, we wanted to extend this benefit to even more small businesses around the world.

When we shared our idea of making Zoho Invoice free with Linda Taubenreuther, one of our customers from the US, she said: ”As a home-based freelance copywriter, Zoho Invoice has been an indispensable part of my business for years. Making Zoho Invoice free is the latest example of the company’s attentiveness to its clients’ needs. I gladly found the funds to pay for this vital service—but as a very small business, being able to take that cost off my expense sheet is a big deal.”

Zoho Invoice is free-Customer feedback

We believe Zoho Invoice can create a huge difference in the lives of millions of small business owners like Linda.

Making the product free doesn’t change what we stand for

At Zoho, we treat your privacy as a principle, not just a policy. Zoho Invoice becoming free does not change what we stand for. We will never sell your data, and Zoho Invoice will remain ad-free. We treat your data just like we treat our own: responsibly.

To our existing customers

There won’t be any changes in your existing Zoho Invoice organizations and your subscription will continue to renew. This is to ensure your business operation continues to run smoothly on Zoho Invoice.

You are at the heart of everything we do, and it’s your support over the years that made us want to do this for the small business community. We’ve made a few changes to the existing paid version of Zoho Invoice so that it offers everything an SMB needs while also making sure the overall experience is intuitive and straightforward. However, if you’re interested in switching to the completely free version, feel free to reach out to support@zohoinvoice.com, and our customer success team will help you with the transition.

The future of Zoho Invoice

By making Zoho Invoice free, we’re doubling down on our commitment to empower the SMB community. We’ll continue to invest in updates and features that will improve your experience with Zoho Invoice as we aim to make invoicing as simple as possible.

Grow your business with one less expense to worry about. We’ll take care of your invoicing and make sure you get paid on time.

Sincerely yours,
The Zoho Invoice Team


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