Announcing AI-driven updates across Zoho's collaboration solutions

We're thrilled to announce some exciting new capabilities across four of our core collaboration tools: Zoho Projects, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Notebook, and Zoho Sign. These enhancements focus on AI, workflow management, and industry customization, and they are designed to streamline project management and support productive asynchronous collaboration. This is ideal for global businesses with employees, customers, and partners that operate in different time zones.

Announcing AI-driven updates across Zoho

With these new capabilities, our collaboration solutions offer more seamless data flow, increased productivity through automation, and vertical-specific capabilities that reduce the need for extensive customization. Let's explore what's new across Zoho's collaboration solutions.

New AI capabilities

Natural language processing via Zia in Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects, a cloud-based project management solution, has introduced natural language processing capabilities powered by Zia, Zoho's in-house AI engine. Users may now ask Zia to source information stored across Zoho's app ecosystem by speaking directly to Zia Search, Zoho's deep unified search engine. No need to speak like a robot—Zia understands casual, conversational language. 

Natural language processing via Zia in Zoho Projects

Within Zoho Projects, Zia can summarize custom charts and analytics dashboards via Zia Insights. Plus, take advantage of Zoho Projects' ChatGPT integration to directly generate tasks and recommendations based on analysis of large data sets.

Summarization custom charts and analytics dashboards via Zia Insights

Smart summarization, task management, data analysis from notes, and more in Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook, a dynamic note-taking application, adds significant AI features in its latest release. The app leverages Zia to enable smart summarization, task management, automatic tagging of topics, data analysis and visual chart creation from notes, and calendar creation for subsequent steps. Zoho Notebook for Business interprets and tweaks tones, as well as inserts context and organizational structure, ensuring information can be easily acted upon. Additionally, users can simply use voice commands to search across their entire catalog of notes for a particular phrase, image, or mention. With a new feature called Whiteboard, users can conduct real-time brainstorms by easily embedding audio or video meetings right within the app. Closely integrated with Projects and WorkDrive, Zoho Notebook for Business empowers users to contextually take notes, share, and collaborate with peers.

New workflow automation capabilities

Streamlined project workflows with Zoho Blueprint

Zoho Blueprint, a visual workflow automation solution, is now accessible within Zoho's collaboration apps, including Projects, WorkDrive, and Sign. Blueprint enables users to build scalable, repeatable, and easy-to-follow project workflows. The technology provides the proper materials and context at each step of the process creation, such as reviewing a shared document or analyzing particular data, to ensure accuracy, maximize employees' productivity, and facilitate quicker onboarding for new employees learning the process.

Streamlined project workflows with Zoho Blueprints

Content-centric automation with Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive's workflow automation empowers users to automate tasks that are centered around content, including review and approval of legal policies and contracts. This reduces human error and streamlines data collection for seamless onboarding and HR management. It also simplifies task assignments for improved administration.

Content-centric automation with Zoho WorkDrive

Enhanced agreement workflows with Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign, a digital signature and ID verification solution, slots into unified systems at any stage of a workflow and ensures companies never lose time tracking down a signature.

Enhanced agreement workflows with Zoho Sign

The software now offers the ability to create reusable templates, along with knowledge-based authentication and controls for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 to support sales orders, HR documents, legal documents, and more, which are then routed automatically to the proper team member.

Enhanced agreement workflows with Zoho Sign

New industry-specific capabilities

Remote troubleshooting for the construction industry

Construction managers who use Zoho Projects can troubleshoot issues remotely via its integration with Zoho Lens, Zoho's augmented reality remote assistance technology. Managers can use Zoho Lens to request remote access to on-site workers' device, which allows them to troubleshoot in real time and maintain accurate records of machinery.

Unparalleled data protection and HIPAA compliance in healthcare

Healthcare administrators can use WorkDrive's data loss prevention (DLP) to store and protect sensitive documents. This could include patient records, insurance claims, personally identifying information, and anything else confidential. Those working in the industry benefit from the customizable workflows in Projects, Notebook's ability to capture and send messages quickly, and the assurance of proper HIPAA compliance with Sign's secure e-signature workflows. 

Optimized manufacturing processes

Manufacturing companies can improve their operations with Blueprint. Its integration with Projects unlocks automated lead tracking, customer follow-up, and inventory management, while integration with Zia facilitates data sharing across on-site and off-site teams, locally or globally.

Utmost transparency in aviation operations

Zoho's collaboration apps offer a single source of truth for those in the aviation industry, access to which can be conveniently monitored and regulated. Workflows can be easily adapted, and employees across the globe remain informed of any issues as soon as they arise.

To summarize, these new AI-driven enhancements across Zoho's collaboration solutions represent a significant step forward in enhancing the effectiveness of today's workplaces and in providing industry-specific customization. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Zoho's collaboration solutions today to transform your business operations!


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