Zoho Recruit: Mass Emailing Made Easy

Effective communication is the key for a successful recruitment. It is necessary for a recruiter 
to communicate regularly with candidates during a recruitment campaign. At

, we understand the value of your requirements and make things easier for you.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of mass emailing in Zoho Recruit. Now you can easily
send emails 
to a custom group of candidates, informing them about current job openings, seminars, tests, etc., all in a single click. Not only that, but you can personalize the email messages as well.

This helps you reach a large number of applicants quickly and efficiently. A copy of the sent mail is 
automatically recorded in respective candidate’s record for future reference. 

Apart from the above, we’ve also made a few other enhancements: 
Email Templates

Previously, you could attach only one file when emailing your clients/candidates. But now, you can attach multiple files to an email template using the new “Form field attachments” and “Browse documents” options.  

Picklist field

We’ve enhanced the picklist field with the ability to set the first value as the default value. 

The owner of an “Activity” can now edit and delete it.

We would also like to mention another new


that we recently rolled out – changeStatus
. This will help you change the candidate status, with respect to the job openings in Zoho Recruit.

Hope you like the new features and enhancements that we continue to roll out. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Happy Recruiting!


12 Replies to Zoho Recruit: Mass Emailing Made Easy

  1. @ ChaeWhen you send a mass email, the candidates will not be able to view other candidates email-id. If you would like to send email to particular candidates, then please follow the steps below:1. Login as an Admin/Recruiter.
    2. Go to Candidates tab.
    3. In the List view, enable the check-boxes to select multiple candidates.
    4. Click on Send email link from Select Options menu.
    5. Compose the mail the way you want. You can also use merge Zoho Recruit fields such as candidate name, contact no etc., in the mail content.
    6. Click on Send.For more details, please refer the link below:

  2. When you do a mass mail, is it a BCC email where the candidate can't see the other candidates emailed? Also, I wish you could just check on a couple to mass mail from the action drop down... I noticed that you can't and you have to choose the whole view your in unless you customize tons of views.

  3. Hi Rina,Great feature I have just tested it and it works great the emails are all logged for sage keeping. However, there does not appear to be any emails logged when an email is triggered to a candidate via a status change.For example, when I reject a candidate it sends an automatic email to candidates that I have setup as an action for all applications with a status changed to rejected.Is it in your roadmap to also store these automatically generated emails against a candidate record?ThanksAdrian

  4. Thank you it has long been the backbone connected with almost everything I conduct on the web. You guys are great.

  5. Maybe I am missing something, but I still find it very difficult to "find" the candidates to mass mail. The "search and select" ability of ZOHO (like search for all candidates within 20 miles of Zip Code 10001)... Or, "find all Sales Representative" or "Account Representatives" with "Chemical" in their resume.
    Perhaps we can do this, but I haven't seen it.

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