Zoho Recruit API - changeStatus


You can use this method to change the candidate status with respect to the job openings in Zoho Recruit.

Note: This API supports only POST method.

Request URL to changeStatus:

XML: Token&scope=recruitapi

JSON: Token&scope=recruitapi

Request Parameters:

Parameter Type Description
authtoken* String Encrypted alphanumeric string to authenticate your Zoho credentials.
scope* String Specify the value as recruitapi
jobId String Specify unique ID of the Job Opening record for which the associated candidate status has to be changed.
candidateIds* String Specify comma separated candidate ids for which the status has to be changed, with respect to the job opening.
candidateStatus* String The status of the resume with respect to the job opening. 
comments String Comments for why the status is being changed.

* - Mandatory parameter


Change the status of the candidates with respect to the job openings

URL Format: Token&scope=recruitapi&jobId=54290000000089027&candidateIds= 54290000000022332,54290000000089027&candidateStatus=Hired&comments=Placed in Java Development

Response Format:
<response uri="/ats/private/xml/Candidates/changeStatus">
<message>Candidate(s) status changed successfully</message>
<FL val="jobId">54290000000089027</FL>
<FL val="candidateIds">54290000000022332,54290000000089027</FL>
<FL val="candidateStatus">Hired</FL>
<FL val="comments">Placed in Java Development</FL>