Kicked out of your high-rise? Move to Zoho.

Earlier today, 37Signals, the company behind Basecamp and Highrise made two announcements. The first one is that they’re renaming the company, 37Signals, to Basecamp. So far so good.

It’s the second part of the news that is most troubling for customers: they are shedding all of their products – except for well, Basecamp. Along the products that they are no longer “focusing on” (read: they’ll most likely get killed soon) is Highrise, a contact management and lead tracking app.

Following 37Signals’ announcement that they are no longer investing in Highrise, you might be wondering about the future of the app and what it means for you as a customer. Zoho is here to help

Zoho is offering all Highrise customers a free and easy migration to Zoho ContactManager so you can keep all of your data safe and your business doesn’t skip a beat. On top of that, we’re offering a three-month free subscription to those customers who migrate. Our migration tool will be ready within the next few days. Meanwhile, sign-up and give it a try. We’re here to help with with any questions and make the transition for you as smooth as possible.

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If you’re not familiar with Zoho ContactManager yet, well just like with Highrise, you have all your contacts in one place, and you have a single place for everything that happens around a contact – so your team is always on the same page. You can track business deals and create tasks. That’s what a basic contact management app does. But, Zoho ContactManager goes well beyond that:

  • Email contacts right inside ContactManager. Connect your email account with ContactManager, so you can send mails right from within the app – and most importantly, mails that you send or received somewhere else (on your iPhone, Outlook or any other mail client) will automatically appear in ContactManager, without you needing to send to a special secret address or having to bcc: anyone. It’s all done for you automatically.
  • Interact with your contacts on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you interact with your contacts not only via email and phone, but also on social media. Zoho ContactManager lets you do just that, right from within the app.
  • Repetitive tasks are easier. Have you ever noticed that every time you bring a new customer onboard you go through the same basic tasks? And every time you close a new partnership you do the same things? Zoho ContactManager allows you to define task templates, so you can define a “New Deal” master list – and you just assign that to every new deal that comes your way. It not only saves you time, but it also keeps you from forgetting things.
  • Mobile Choices. With Highrise you were chained to an iPhone if you wanted mobile access. iPhones are great of course, but so is Android. Zoho ContactManager has mobile apps for both.

And if you’re both a Basecamp and Highrise customer, we’ve got good news for you as well – we will help you migrate to both – Zoho Projects and Zoho ContactManager.

Perhaps most importantly, Zoho Contact manager is part of a bigger vision. We know businesses have multiple needs. We’re not a one-app company. We help businesses with many of their needs – contact management, customer help desk, CRM, online document storage and productivity suite, build your own website and much more.





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