Introducing Zoho FSM: Streamline field operations and deliver unparalleled service experiences.

Field service managed, from start to end

We’re excited to introduce Zoho FSM, the end-to-end field service management platform.

Field service management solutions cater to companies that carry out installation, repair, and maintenance activities at the customer’s premises. Service providers have to handle resource management and customer experience effectively to be successful. This takes diligent planning, constant supervision, and efficient operations

A typical day in the field service starts with a customer request. Field service businesses receive numerous requests in a day with varying levels of priority. Dispatchers have to create schedules that take the customers’ time preferences and the field agents’ prior commitments into account.

Field agents travel to the job site to complete the work. They must be equipped with all of the information about the customer, and the parts and equipment required to complete the job. Their managers need to be able to monitor the work from the office. Lastly, effective systems for billing and payments are required to complete the transaction.

As field service involves co-ordination between resources completing different tasks at different places, many service providers struggle with productivity. Legacy tools often don’t satisfy their complex needs, forcing them to rely on multiple software, creating errors and slip-ups.

A robust FSM solution is the need of the hour.

Dynamic Dispatch Console

Zoho FSM is a powerful field service management platform with a gamut of features aimed at improving each aspect of your business. It handles work order management, customer management, scheduling, workforce management, billing, payments, and inventory management. Beyond this, Zoho FSM is built to adapt to various industries with its customization components and integration capabilities.

Key benefits of using Zoho FSM 

Handle the entire spectrum of operations in one platform.

Work Order Management, Scheduling and Invoicing

From the initial service request, through work order creation, resource dispatching, and billing, Zoho FSM smooths out these processes to optimize operations. Create estimates and mail them to the customer for approval. While scheduling, track the live location of field agents and sort them based on their skills so that you send the right person for the job. With Zoho FSM you can also split complex services into smaller tasks for easy scheduling.

On the billing front, branded invoices can be created with a click. It also supports multiple currencies, region-specific taxes, and a host of online payment gateways.

Pave the way for effective communication and collaboration 

The Zoho FSM Mobile App to work on the go

Secure channels for communication and collaboration with agents on the move are vital for any field service business. Zoho FSM tackles this with its mobile app. With the Zoho FSM mobile app, field agents can keep the team updated on their live locations, travel logs, timesheets, and time-off details even when they’re on the go. The app also provides agents with all of the information about the customer and the service requested. It also lets them add notes and photos from the job site.

For effective customer communication, automatic updates can be sent to the customer at every stage of the service process. When the work is completed, field agents can send service reports and receive customer feedback through the mobile app.

Increase productivity with improved workforce management 

Improved Workforce management for productivity

Zoho FSM provides a multi-user environment, making it easy for businesses to manage large, diverse teams. Unique profiles with different levels of access create a secure platform for the team to work to the best of their ability. The default user profiles are Call Center Agents, Dispatchers, Field Agents, Limited Field Agents, and Administrators. Zoho FSM also supports creating custom profiles with modified access levels to suit the organizational structure.

Beyond this, field agents can be sorted based on their territorial coverage and expertise, and grouped to form Crews. Zoho FSM also gives an overview of users’ daily tasks, trips, and leaves, allowing dispatchers to create conflict-free schedules.

Customize and extend Zoho FSM to suit your business needs  

Zoho FSM has customization components that help personalize the experience and build additional functionality. It supports automation, with workflow rules that trigger actions. Automate email notifications, field updates, or write custom functions to communicate and work with third-party apps.

Integrations with Zoho and third-party apps

Zoho FSM integrates with other Zoho and third-party applications to ensure the organization runs like a well-oiled machine. Zoho FSM is powered by the Zoho Finance Suite, which handles billing and payments. It supports branded invoicing, multiple currencies, and region-specific taxes.

The Zoho FSM extension for Zoho CRM allows the merging of sales and field service. FSM records can be viewed contextually in Zoho CRM and new requests, work orders, and assets can be created from various CRM modules.

The Zoho Inventory integration helps identify and track stock across multiple warehouses, ensuring that agents always have the right parts for the job. Beyond this, REST APIs provided by Zoho FSM help in integrating with third-party apps.

Deliver memorable service experiences 

From effective communication to skilled and equipped technicians, Zoho FSM helps in exceeding customer expectations at every stage. Delivering great service experiences is impossible without improving organizational processes. A strong system in place can help a field service business grow profitably and retain more customers. Zoho FSM helps monitor KPIs efficiently and irons out kinks before they snowball into large issues on the customer front.

Zoho FSM has a flexible, appointment-based pricing plan that lets you choose based on the number of appointments you create each month.

Try Zoho FSM today. Visit and get started with the 15-day free trial. You can attend our weekly webinar to explore Zoho FSM further. Write to us at with your questions and feedback. We'd love to hear from you!


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  1. Zoho FSM's comprehensive approach to field service management is truly impressive. From dynamic dispatching and efficient work order management to streamlined communication and integrations, it seems to offer a complete solution for businesses. The mobile app's features and the ability to tailor the platform to specific needs are particularly appealing. This could definitely lead to enhanced customer experiences and more productive operations. Great job on introducing Zoho FSM!

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