Give forms your seal of approval. Introducing multi-level approval workflows in Zoho Forms.

We've helped you create the most efficient forms for every purpose under the sun. Now you can set up multi-level approval workflows that give order to your tedious approval processes. Up your form game with approvals for device request forms, travel request forms, leave application forms, and more. If anything needs to be given a once over by several people before going live, just create a form and add an approval process to it.

Why approvals?

Because we need to make sure key people stay in the loop while undertaking any task where several things need to be taken into account by multiple parties. Sure, your one month vacation might be okay with your manager, but you need to clear it with HR as well. In this case, instead of writing two separate emails and keeping track of the back and forth between them, you can just fill out a vacation request form. When the form has an approval process where the Manager and HR are approvers, they can review your form and approve or deny your request. It's smooth, simple, and clear.

To get you better acquainted with this neat new feature, let's look at an example of how you can apply it to your forms.

You have a travel request form that your employees have to fill out in order to get their time approved. You've built a form that collects their employee details, dates of departure, destination, and reason for traveling. Now you can set up an approval process.

By clicking on the all-new Approvals tab, you'll be taken to a screen to configure a multilevel approval process. It's literally as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1:

Create a Level. Levels are stages in the approval process and each one must be approved before the next one can commence.

Step 2:

Add approvers and specify the notification email they'll receive. You'll have the option of specifying if the approval process needs All or Any of the approvers' permission for it to be considered complete.

 Step 3:

Configure notification emails to be sent to approvers each time a new submission is added for them to review.

Just like that, your multi-level approval process is good to go! In Approval Settings, you can customize button labels, the final approval email and even change approval admins.

To better convey the context of why a request has been approved or denied, approvers can include the reason behind their decision. This is visible to other approvers. Now, that's keeping everyone in the know.

We've taken great care in creating this feature for you, and we hope it makes your form-building easier and more efficient. So, do we get your seal of approval? Let us know in the comments below.

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12 Replies to Give forms your seal of approval. Introducing multi-level approval workflows in Zoho Forms.

  1. How do you implement the forms into an existing site and is there any cost if you are using them for a commercial site?

    1. Thanks, Claudio! We're glad you like this feature. While there is no provision to let respondents know the reasons for denial, there is a provision for approvers to state their reasons which is visible to other approvers in the level. Hope this helps.

    2. Hey Claudio, you'll be happy to know that we do support the option to include the reason for approval/denial of the last level in the final approval/denial email.

    1. Thank you for the love, Todd. Although you can customize the final approval/denial email to be sent on completion of the approval process, it is not possible to add the stated reason in the email notification to respondents. Hope this helps!

      1. It looks like both people who have responded so far have the same suggestions...If in the email template, you could add the stated reason as an option to add to the reply, this would solve the problem. Is there a reason that you advise against this practice?

        1. Hey Todd, glad to let you know that we've taken your suggestions and added an option to include reasons given for the last level in your final approval/denial email.

        2. We appreciate your suggestions, Todd. We do have plans of including the approvers' comments in the approval/denial email. Currently, we're figuring out the best way to do this when there are multiple approvers involved and we need to figure out which comment to include.

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