Celebrating Women in Recruitment

This International Women’s Day, here’s a tribute to all women recruiters who are making it big in the global recruitment sector.   

As the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And this is why we love the dynamic recruitment industry. It has often been a force for change, not just increasing diversity in hiring, but also increasing equality for women recruiters. It is perhaps the most meritocratic profession.

A study conducted by LinkedIn found that 54% of recruiting and HR leaders across the world are women, all of them with an average of 10-19 years of experience with the recruitment industry. And with the theme for this year’s Women’s Day being #PressforProgress, this, we think, is extraordinary and laudable.

Recruitment is no cakewalk. These days, businesses are actively investing in recruitment to attain not just better talent, but to hire individuals who can bring in a new wave of change. And the role of women is massive. Studies show that women are better listeners, are more emphathetic toward candidates throughout the recruitment process, and even pay less attention to attire.

At Zoho, we don’t just pay lip service to the role of women in HR. Rather, we practice what we preach. Jevitha Sathya, Assistant Manager of Recruitment for our nearly 6,000 employees in India, is one such example.

As she says, “Recruitment philosophy differs from team to team, and every team has its own unique expectations when it comes to hiring. Meeting different people, screening candidates, seeing how they’ll fit with our culture, it’s always a challenge–but it is great learning as well. Work has always been fun, and has helped me grow professionally and personally.”

If you’re a proud woman recruiter, share your story with us and do mention #zohorecruit and #WomenInRecruit

Let’s keep evolving and inspiring.


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