5 Elements That Affect Form Conversions

Forms - Elements that affect conversions

Several aspects in a form influence users to click that submit button. Unfortunately, users don't always convert as much as you'd like. Here are five elements that you can improve on to instantly increase your conversions.

#1: Leave a strong first impression

No matter how you share your form, design is essential. For a well responsive form, seek advice on color and font choices from professional designers. Use the color wheel as a reference for essential color combinations.

Seasonal and timely theme and layout modifications attract visitors. For instance, fonts like Georgia and Open Sans look good on the web. Analyzing what works and what doesn't helps you increase form conversions.

#2: Keep it short and sweet

Unlike surveys, you don't have to use flowery gimmicks in a form to keep users' attention; people easily fill out forms that are direct and to the point. Combining two or more questions, or complex phrasing reduces clarity; try creating crisp and concise forms that are easy to understand.

#3: Place labels right

Where you place your labels highly influences your conversions. Some people prefer to display labels above the field while others prefer it aligned next to a field. Recognize your audience's preferences for increased conversions.

#4: Check your data filters

Though filters like mandatory fields and CAPTCHA ensure data quality, they shouldn't restrict submissions. Personally, I never submit forms if the phone number is mandatory -- or I enter a fake number, which is useless for the form owner. Unless it's necessary, reserve the mandatory option.

CAPTCHA is perfect for complex or embedded forms -- forms that are prone to spam. But it adds little value to a close-knit group. Keep your forms simple for more conversions.

#5: Make use of rules

A great way to add credibility to your form is to filter the questions visitors don't have to see. Use field rules to display questions based on the responses to previous questions, and form rules to define actions for your form as a whole. For multi-page forms, use page rules to direct form respondents based to a certain page based on their answers.

We've found that these elements improve conversion rates, but we want to hear from you too. Share your experiments; what do you do to increase conversions?

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  1. Yes, all these points are very important for improving the conversion rate of a form. Another point that I think is essential, it's to ensure that visitors don't need to write their full name or email, they simply entering the first character of their email or name and all field is completed automatically.

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