General Settings

General Settings

Under General Settings, you can customize the appearance of your form, get the respondents' location details, and set up the date format and time zone for your forms. Configure general settings under the Settings tab in your form builder.

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Basic Settings

Under basic settings, you can choose to display the form header and set the text direction in your forms.

Form Header

The Form Header section displays the title and the description of your form. You can choose to show or hide it.

Text Direction

The Text Direction option allows you to set the direction in which the values are entered in the form. By default, the text direction is set to Left to Right (LTR). When you localize your forms to languages such as Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic, you can change the text direction to Right to Left (RTL) from the dropdown.

Submit Button Label

 You can customize the label of the submit button in your forms. In the Submit Button Label edit the label of the button as you want it to appear.

Date and Time Format

You can choose the format of the date field added in your form builder and select the time zone for your forms.

  • Date Format: To change the format of the date field in the builder, click the dropdown and choose the format.
  • Time Zone: To change the time zone, click the dropdown and choose the time zone.

Respondent Location

Under Respondent Location, you can choose to collect the IP address and location coordinates of your respondents using Geolocation when they submit your form.


The geolocation option captures your respondent's location along with longitude and latitude coordinates when they submit your form.

Collect respondent's IP Address

This option allows you to collect your respondents' IP address when they submit your form.

View respondent location details

To view the IP Address of your respondents and the location details collected via geolocation:

  • Find the Home dropdown icon in the top menu of your Form Builder.
  • Click on Reports.
  • Open the Report for your Form. In case if you have not created a Report for the required Form, click here to know how to create a new Report.
  • In the Report Builder, click Show/Hide Columns.

  • To view geolocation details, check Submitter's Location, Submitter's Latitude, and Submitter's Longitude checkboxes.
  • To view the IP address collected, check the IP Address checkbox.
  • The details will now be displayed for each entry in your report's Entries section.

Advanced Settings

Under advanced settings, you can modify the following form attributes:


  • Form Tab Title: The name entered will be displayed in the title of the browser tab when accessed.
  • Favicon: Upload a relevant icon with a maximum size of 50 KB. The allowed file types are ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG, and JPEG.
  • Custom Domain: Click the dropdown and select the domain you wish to use in your form's permalink URL.
  • Send emails via: Use this option to send emails via verified domains and improve your email delivery rates.

Spam Control


We support security mechanism such as CAPTCHA, and Google's reCAPTCHA services to prevent bot or malicious submissions that spam your forms and generate legitimate entries for your business. These mechanisms work to primarily verify if the user is a human or a bot. To enable this, in your form builder click Settings >> General >> SpamControl and choose the option you wish to enable.


CAPTCHA requires the user to enter a combination of alphabets or numbers, which gets easier for humans and makes it harder for the bots to recognize. You can provide a Label name to appear in the form for your CAPTCHA, say, "Verification Code" and also leave a message for your responders, say,  "Enter the text in the box below".


  • In general, pressing the enter key will submit the form. Enabling CAPTCHA can be useful in avoiding users from submitting incomplete forms by mistake.
  • Users cannot submit your form without entering the CAPTCHA, thereby ensuring they have filled in all important fields and had not submitted unintentionally.

reCAPTCHA v2 (I'm not a robot" Checkbox)

Enabling reCAPTCHA v2 checkbox, provides an "I am not a robot" checkbox on your form, requesting the form respondents to check that box to verify themselves as human. To configure this for your form, you need to set up the API keys

reCAPTCHA v2 (Invisible reCAPTCHA badge)

Unlike reCAPTCHA v2 checkbox, the invisible reCAPTCHA option doesn't include any field on the form. Only a reCAPTCHA badge appears on the footer of the site during the form completion. To configure this for your form, you need to set up the API keys


To enable reCAPTCHA options, you will require a pair of SiteKey and a SecretKey from Google. For this, you need to login to your google account and generate these API keys.


While setting up the API keys, add Domains based on the domain name of your form. For example, for a form with a custom domain named Zylker, the Domains value will be

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