Cloud Telephony and Mobile Apps for Zoho Support

The holiday season is approaching. What can be more gratifying than creating happiness! That’s exactly what we have in mind for you as well.

It’s a great feeling to talk to customers and deliver amazing service. Phone is by far the most convenient way for customers to ask for and receive help. But, it’s usually a logistics nightmare to build and maintain scalable PBX infrastructure, especially if you’re a small business. We’ve been through it at Zoho and, ever since, we’ve wanted to drastically simplify it.

That’s exactly what we announced last week. 

Telephony re-imagined for the cloud.

Cloud Telephony for Zoho SupportCloud Telephony for Zoho Support brings a fully-functional call centre right within your browser tab. It has all the traditional goodies: Call routing, sequential & simultaneous ringing, IVR, call recording, voice messages and detailed reports.

BUT, you get all of that without the pain of maintaining a full-blown telephony system.

We’ve partnered with the team at Twilio to bring this incredibly simple solution to you.

That’s Telephony, re-imagined for Zoho Support. (more info here)

It’s available to customers on the Professional plan, with some restrictions, and to those on the Enterprise plan.

Next up, Mobility.

We know how important it is for you to spend time with your family, especially during the holiday season. But, if you’re a customer service agent, holiday season is the time you’ll have maximum people to attend to. Both of these are high priority and both of them are close to the heart.

The solution, we believe, it to take a great customer service app and add mobility to it. And, that’s exactly what we’ve done.


Zoho Support comes to iOS and Android. This holiday season (and beyond), you won’t be tied to your computer all the time. Answer tickets from the confines of your home or a vacation retreat or that long-pending family reunion. Reassign tickets to a colleague when you’re not able to handle them. Tag a colleague and ask for some help via social-network-style comments. Get notified of important updates in your tickets via Notification Center for mobile devices. Zoho Support for iOS and Android is available to customers on the Professional and Enterprise plans. (more info here)

Be awesome at home, win family love. Be awesome at work, win customer love.

This holiday season, let there be even more happiness in every ticket.


10 Replies to Cloud Telephony and Mobile Apps for Zoho Support

  1. [apologies if this is a double post, It looks like the first one didn't get thru] I've read all the info about zoho cloud-telephony but I still can't figure out how it works exaclty. This is our business structure and what we need: Administration, invoicing and design are 3 departments on 3 different locations in different countries. Customer support is provided by all 3, depending on the time and/or type of inquiry. We have sales people on the road. Any question about sales gets forwarded to our sales manager, who in return will forward it to the right person in his team. Today we are forwarding and double-forwarding emails. Manually replying customer requests and forwarding their answers to the right person. Since I'm the founder of the company and most of our customers know me personally, they ALL call me on my cellphone. Time for a change. What I (think i) need: 1. Customers must be able to reach us on a local number, in their own country. 2. They must be greeted by an IVR system in their own language. Not with a robot voice, but with a live, friendly voice. 3. Now they can choose what department they need. 4. Based upon their choise, they are forwarded to the right person. Even if that person is in another country. 5. Our colleagues must be able to identify the source-number so they can great the customer properly. 6. My team must be able to receive call on their mobile phone, when they are not in their office. (activate call-forward) From what I learn from the info from zoho, this voice solution can only work when my co-workers are in front of their desk, with the browser window active. And that's not the case most of the time. Please advise.

  2. Nabs,The Android app will be available pretty soon. Do leave your email address with us on the landing page. We'll let you know when it's available!

  3. Hugh,Yes, hold music is on our roadmap. In fact, it's on top of our bucket-list of improvements planned for the second iteration! As for using an existing phone number, you'll have to port it to Twilio (just like you port a phone number to another connection provider). More information on that here: Feel free to write to us if you need any more information!

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