OneSaas integrates with Zoho CRM (Announced at CeBIT Australia, 2011)

OneSaas is a Software-as-a-Service cloud integration platform that is designed to solve the challenges of integrating separate Cloud-based or On-Site software solutions. By integrating popular platforms from CRM, eCommerce, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Event Management, Project Management and Accounting, OneSaas gives you a way to simplify and optimize your business processes.

This is a guest post by Corneliu Tusnea of OneSaas.

When your business data like contacts, invoices, and product inventory is in the cloud, you can work from anywhere.

And you can use your favourite tools, such as Zoho CRM to stay on top of client sales, MailChimp for email marketing, and Shopify to host your online store. But what happens when your business data lives in two or three different Saas applications? Changing a customer address in one system means the others are out of date: Hello unhappy customers! To fix that problem you had to build custom integrations between the different Saas systems, and maintain them when systems changed. What a pain!

Enter: OneSaas.

OneSaas provides integration as a service, connecting your favourite web apps together so that you are never out of date. Now, when you update a contact address in Zoho CRM that is automatically connected to Shopify and MailChimp or the other 30 web apps currently supported or under development (spanning CRM, eCommerce, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Event Management, Project Management and Accounting), OneSaas gives you a way to simplify and optimize your business processes so that your whole Saas system works together: Hello happy customers!

What’s more, it means your data is always right, customers get their packages at the right address, your accountant loves that your numbers are up to date, and you can get on with running your business.

Zoho CRM is now integrated with OneSaas, and here’s a video of the announcement made at CeBIT Australia, 2011.

Learn more about this integration here.

What do you think about this integration? Do try it and let us know!

– Corneliu Tusnea

2 Replies to “OneSaas integrates with Zoho CRM (Announced at CeBIT Australia, 2011)”

  1. I’ve tried using OneSaas twice, once to integrate between ZohoCRM and Mailchimp and the other time to integrate between ZohoCRM and MYOB. Both times they have failed.

    I think the product would be fantastic if it worked as advertised, but it doesn’t

    I was also told that the integration would be fixed and haven’t had an update in over 1 month.

    Like I said, I don’t mean to hate on OneSaas, I think it could be a fantastic product but it just doesnt work as advertised.


  2. If anyone’s interested in exporting Highrise contacts to Mailchimp with Onesaas….unfortunately if you’re hoping to do this the right way, Onesaas doesn’t allow you to export Highrise tags into Mailchimp groups (organising contacts into one list with multiple groups is recommended by Mailchimp for my setup. However all that Onesaas can currently do is export contacts into multiple lists, which is not recommended by Mailchimp – see #).This is holding me back from using this promising service. The world definitely needs a service like Onesaas, but at the time of writing, their Highrise-Mailchimp contacts integration isn’t quite there and lets it down. Here’s hoping that they’ll add a Mailchimp groups feature soon. Does anyone know of any alternative services that sync Highrise with Mailchimp?

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