Cut down on the talk and get down to business - Poll Bot in Cliq

How many times have you gotten lost trying to keep up with a discussion, or gave up on reaching a quick consensus with your teammates?

These are common day-to-day scenarios in a workplace, and the endless chats often eat away at our time—indirectly reducing productivity.

Poll Bot—arrive at consensus faster

The poll bot in Cliq can make work life easier. Drop simple polls into your chats any time, collect answers, and arrive at decisions faster—no more endless replies and scattered options.

Go public or run it private 

If you're picking a new design theme, share the designs in the chat, run a poll, and you're done! You can even share the poll in other chats to include a wider audience.

Now, what if you need opinions from every user in your organization. Then you go public! Run public polls to collect organizational-wide feedback, opinions, and answers. The poll bot will alert everyone when a public poll is launched! Make answers anonymous to get more honest opinions, and at the end, there's a clear winner, so you don't have to worry about transparency concerns.  

Your polls, at your call

The bot manages all your polls and also maintains a list of all your responses. You can view your polls, extend its duration to run extra miles, share it in other chats and end the poll earlier if needed. 

Where do I get this Poll Bot?

Easy and fun polling is available via the Poll Bot extension on the Zoho Cliq Marketplace. After a quick, one-time installation process, all users can subscribe to the bot and create a poll with the help of an interactive form. Just fill in the necessary details, choose the number of options, and voila—your poll is up and running!

Poll bot was built exclusively on the Cliq platform and comprises the following components—command, bot, database, and forms. It doesn't connect with any third-party applications to run polls or store data! If you have a great idea that'll help workplace productivity, be it a small stress-busting game or an integration with your favorite app, you can build it on Cliq! Check our Developer Help Center to get started.

Secret tip: Poll'em with Reactions!

Before I close, I have a fun tip that you can use with your teammates. Ask your question, post the options as individual messages, and ask your peeps to react to it. There's no cap to the number of reactions a message can have, let the reactions rain in!

Cliq is a team communication app built to bridge the gap between collaboration and productivity by offering a central place to communicate within and cross teams on projects, milestones, releases, ...,  with the help of channels, group chats, chatbots, audio & video calls, integrations, and more power packed features. With custom branding, user roles, module access, mobility management, and more enterprise-grade features, Cliq can be used for teams of all sizes, and styles.

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  1. What a great usefull and fun little tool, already running poll in the #watercooler channel for lunch preferences :)

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